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Mck/kg/min II

This is a revamped version of the previous Mcg/Kg/Min calculator. You can enter in DILUTIONS. rx Milrinone .5mcg/kg/min 186lb pt The calculator will calculate mg/hour mg/day mg/bag (based on days you enter). After you enter your dilution data ex. you want 200mcg/ml & and your stock solution ex 50mg/50ml it will calculate required stock bottles…

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Download Syringe Pump Calculator Syringe Pump Calculator icon
Syringe Pump Calculator

This free app will calculate the rate setting in mm per hour or mm per day for the Graseby Syringe Driver based upon fluid length and infusion time. A time saver for nursing and pharmacy

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Download Alligation Alternate Alligation Alternate icon
Alligation Alternate

Simple Alligation Alternate Calculator Program for Pharmacy but may be useful for any situation requiring Alligation Alternate calculations

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Download IV Tech Math Helper IV Tech Math Helper icon
IV Tech Math Helper

Just a simple program to calculate milliliters required from a stock of mcg, mg or grams per milliliter Calculates required number of whole vials as well

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Download Dose Volume Calc Dose Volume Calc icon
Dose Volume Calc

This will calculate Dose Volume for the Cadd pump and similar pumps based upon Bag volume diluent volume KVO Rate Dose Duration and Doses per day and priming volume of the administration set. Mainly for home infusion pharmacists It uses the standard: Dose Volume = (Bag volume + Diluent Volume - KVO Volume - Priming Volume) divided by the doses per…

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Download Dose By Weight Dose By Weight icon
Dose By Weight

Simple Free Dose By Weight Calculator Converts between mcg mg and gm Basically mcg/mg/gm per pound or Kg with the answer in mcg/mg/gm

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Download Corrected Calcium Corrected Calcium icon
Corrected Calcium

This short app calculates the corrected calcium level in the blood based upon total calcium and albumin levels

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Download Calories to Grams Calories to Grams icon
Calories to Grams

Simple program to convert TPN orders from Calories to Grams as well as calculate mOsm and suggest appropriate access devices . No Permissions necessary

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This program will help the medical professional decide what concentration solution to mix based upon demand dose and basal rates. It will calculate a 24 hour supply and an X-Days supply. It will suggest how to prepare the solution. It will also calculate hours remaining on a PCA infusion based upon demand dose basal rate and lockout periods. Value…

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Download Phosphate Converter Phosphate Converter icon
Phosphate Converter

Simple Calculator to Change physician orders for Sodium and Potassium Phosphate from mEqs to mM and Vice Versa . Mainly for calculating phosphates for TPNs

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