• Live Cam Weather

    Live Cam Weather




    New! 30,000+ cams with worldwide weather conditions ONLINE!!! The best app for your Android combining such useful features as monitoring a huge number of webcams installed worldwide, getting information about weather conditions in a specified city, ability to use it as a real-time video...

  • Zaycev Net New Music Mp3

    Zaycev Net New Music Mp3




    ТУТ ЗАЙЦЕВ НЕТ! ТУТ тонны самых свежих и популярных mp3 бесплатно и без регистрации - скачай всего за 1 нажатие пальцем. Ежечасные круглосуточные обновления. Хит-парады и рейтинги и всё без зайцев! КАЧАЙ! Преимущества приложения: 1. Бесконечное количество хитов 2. Неограниченный доступ на...

  • Swipe Calculator

    Swipe Calculator




    All the operations and functions of a calculator that you need, are now integrated in one calculator, Innovative Calculator. Why innovative? Because you can draw mathematical signs for different operations directly on the screen of your phone. Simple to use and quick to solve! Hold the phone...

  • Mino Battle Tetris +

    Mino Battle Tetris +




    It’s a new, amazing puzzle game, designed specifically for you. Create a real battle via bluetooth, between you and your friends, and play whenever and wherever you want. Swipe, rotate and drop your Minos easily with innovative control, in desired place. Experience the fun of real-time, PvP...

  • Space Ricochet

    Space Ricochet




    With Space Ricochet application you will take part in a breathtaking space oddysey with impressive battles and destructive shell firings and will also definitely enjoy the intriguing gameplay. Many unique levels with increasing complexity are awaiting you in Space Ricochet game! Take part in a...

  • Mosquito Killer Game

    Mosquito Killer Game




    Mosquito Killer game brings yours skills of killing the flies to perfection! Try the best game of agility and attention and become a master assassin of the flies! Mosquito Killer - game of passage. You still wish of exciting time spending? Do not miss the opportunity to experience 30 exciting...

  • Voice Changer

    Voice Changer




    Voice changer Voice changer - professional voice changer tool on your device Android. Designed with the help of modern technology audio editing, the application has gathered the most popular and unique voice changing filters. Want to impress your friends? Voice Changer application will help...

  • Alarm Clock

    Alarm Clock




    Alarm Clock application is designed for setting alarms on different periods of time. It allows you to have unlimited number of alarms that won’t affect each other. In this application you will find a nice and easy to use Widget. Beside setting your alarm on desired time, AlarmClock allows you...

  • Block Puzzle Cosmic

    Block Puzzle Cosmic




    Game Block Puzzle Cosmic 3D invites you to take a breath-space odyssey! More than 80 challenging tests await you in the application Block Puzzle Cosmic 3D! Block Puzzle Cosmic 3D- an exciting puzzle game for lovers of space technology! Cosmic Puzzle 3D Free - this is a new great opportunity to...

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