• Prime Brain Age

    Prime Brain Age




    Do you think you know everything about numbers? Familiar with Prime numbers? This simple, yet addicting game is going to challenge you. The rules are simple: Find the 2 PRIME numbers that sum up to the presented even number. Think that's not challenging enough? You don't have all the...

  • Age of Brain

    Age of Brain




    THE BEST BRAIN AND MEMORY TRAINING GAME on the Market. This app is simply the most addictive game for the brain, designed for all devices and resolutions! Memories tend to get fuzzy as people AGE, but it does not have to be that way. Keep Your Memory and Attention Sharp for Decades. Keep your...

  • Strip TamaGirl

    Strip TamaGirl




    Are you ready for the First tamagotchi real 3D strip application?! Touch it, rub it, play with it and watch it to satisfy your unique taste. This is our first app of this kind and we would really like to improve it and make it more interesting. We're always free for your suggestions to...

  • Penis Size Calculator

    Penis Size Calculator




    Ever wonder what's your friend or boyfriend penis size? Ever wonder who has bigger? It's not sick, it's totally normal! Most people wonder about those things, but too shy to simply compare or to use a regular ruler on your boyfriend. Here comes this great application to help you and...

  • Smart Bubbles Game

    Smart Bubbles Game




    Show those smart bubbles who is really smart here! Play this brain game and improve your skills. Great time-killer. Good for every age. Makes you use brain and memory and also compete with other players. Don't be angry if you can't solve the level, just move to the next one. Instruction:...

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