• BenchMyPhone




    BenchMyPhone allows you to benchmark your phone and share the performance results of your device on facebook. Choose one test among light, medium or hard and if you want to execute a concurrent test (i.e. load the CPU with more than one task) and START your benchmark. Publish on facebook the...

  • CryptMySMS


    CryptMySMS is a simple and secure solution for exchanging encrypted text messages with your friends. At the first boot CryptMySMS ask you for a password that will protect the application from unauthorized access and automatically generates your unique keypair. Share your public key with your...

  • CryptMyCall




    CryptMyCall is a new secure VoIP phone app which lets you make encrypted phone calls over the Internet using your Android device. Only one touch and you can call your friends with full protection and privacy. What is needed is simple: CryptMyCall app on both Android devices. Once you have...

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