• CekTagihan




    CekTagihan adalah aplikasi Android yang memungkinkan anda untuk mencek tagihan bulanan anda dari berbagai payment point dan melakukan pembayaran secara langsung. CekTagihan juga memungkinkan anda untuk melakukan pengisian ulang pulsa dengan harga yang lebih murah dari pasaran ( pulsa murah )....

  • Kita dan Rambu




    "Kita dan rambu" is an educational application that teach and introduce general traffic signs around us in bilingual explanation: indonesia and english, comes with simple animation on each explanation. There are 60 general traffic signs in total with 3 color variant : - YELLOW traffic...

  • Imsakiyah Widget 1435H




    UPDATE 1435H (2014) Imsakiyah Widget contains information of moslem prayer or "shalat" and ramadhan "imsak" schedule. 1435H (2014) Features : - Applicable for all around the world - Alarms Prayer - Qibla Direction - Give you information of next prayer time automatically -...

  • Tiketux




    Tiketux adalah layanan online ticketing yang menyediakan fasilitas pembelian tiket Travel (Shuttle Travel) secara online baik melalui aplikasi mobile Android maupun melalui website. Saat ini terdapat dua Shuttle Travel yang menjadi member layanan ini yaitu Xtrans dan BimoTrans, travel2 lain akan...

  • Belajar Menulis




    Aplikasi edukasi ini membantu anak-anak dalam belajar menulis alphabet. Disertai dengan animasi bagaimana cara menulis akan lebih memudahkan anak dalam belajar. Selain itu terdapat gambar sesuai dengan huruf yang sedang dipelajari sehingga selain belajar menulis anak juga akan belajar mengenal...

  • PRFM Radio




    Aplikasi Radio Pikiran Rakyat (Official)

  • Indonesia FlightBoard




    Application that helps you find live flight information on several airports in Indonesia. Currently there are 35 airports available in our database. Flight data and information presented in this application are streamed from official website of respective airport. ** This application support...

  • Belajar Menulis Hijaiyah




    Belajar Menulis Hijaiyah merupakan salah satu aplikasi yang akan membantu anak-anak dalam belajar menulis huruf hijaiyah yang dikenal juga sebagai huruf arab. Beberapa fitur yang terdapat dalam aplikasi ini diantaranya adalah: 1. Animasi cara menulis 2. Pilihan warna tulisan 3. Terdapat gambar...

  • Ujang




    Help Ujang to clean his neighborhood. Collect all the rubbish and put it in the trash can. Beware with the animals, don't get caught by them. Features: - Tilt your device to any direction to move the character. - Colourfull graphic. - Leaderboards - Support all resolution Requirement: -...

  • Tetuko




    Tetuko is a game that tells the life of Tetuko, a name for young Gatot Kaca, a wellknown figure in Indonesian folklore. The challenge is to control Tetuko to defend from any attacks from many directions. Control the move of Tetuko by pressing two controls on the left and right. Feature: -...

  • Komodonesia




    Application to promote Komodo Dragon as the real wonder of the world. Currently only support HDPI (WVGA) screen resolution (480x800), ex: Nexus One/S, Galaxy S, Droid X, etc.. Features: - Rich information about Komodo Dragon, Komodo National Park, Travel, Accomodation and many more. - User can...

  • SavePoint




    SavePoint is an application that lets you collect and save GPS waypoints. You can also group the waypoints into collections, view them on map and export them into sdcard using several formats. Currently supported format are SQL, CSV, KML and GPX.

  • Ramadhan Themes




    Ramadhan Themes for Go Launcher Ex. Designed By TRUSTUDIO! Get this theme and have a completely new makeover of your android phone. Important: 1. Latest version of GO Launcher EX is required. (Search "GO Launcher EX" to download) 2. To apply the theme: MENU> Preferences>Theme...

  • AnReboot




    AnReboot is a utility app that lets you reboot your Android phone (reboot or reboot recovery). THIS APP ONLY RUNS ON ROOTED PHONE. Tips: Place it as shortcut on homescreen so you can reboot directly from homescreen.

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