TSE Software, Inc.

  • Electrodynamics Simulator




    This program accurately models a user-defined 2-Dimensional system of point electric charges. Charges of either polarity can be placed, with an option to place fixed or free-moving charges. Future releases will allow you to save configurations for future use, along with trackball support.

  • Rave Button




    When you accomplish something fantastic, there's only one thing to do: Push the Rave Button. Have a rave party in the palm of your hand! Now with adjustable rave lengths and pretty flashing colors! Special thanks to James, who created the original Rave Button, a tangerine.

  • Rave Button Super Deluxe




    You Love The Rave Button! Now, party with your own music! New Rave Button Super Deluxe can read the music from your SD Card, so the party never stops and never gets boring! Now with new continuous mode, this is the Rave Button that you can't afford to pass up!

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