• GeoPing




    This application was created on request of a friend who wanted to geo-locate his child who had just got a phone with a limited package. This would help him to be sure that his child would well back home . The principle: 1. The parent phone send a GeoPing request (send a SMS by the application)...

  • CityLib




    Search a bicycle without an clic!!! It is the aims.. It implements some of the features such as : - OpenStreetMap (OSM) for more accurate Map than Google Map - Vectorial Tiles Map for low speed network (Cloundmade Vector is still Alpha version) - Optimize Network (Http compression 304...

  • GaBuZoMeu




    As "It is better to mobilize its intelligence on mobilizing its bullshit on things smart", here's a tool to begin to think in logical shadoks. - Calculator GaBuZoMeu - Clock Widget Shadok

  • AndroGister (Beta Test)


    Beta Test

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