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Penguin Pop

Penguin Pop is a fun an very addicting whack a Penguin game style. You must tap the penguins, fish and igloos when they pop up from underneath the ice. Be aware of the dangerous bears and sharks. If you miss 3 penguins or tap the wrong items 3 times the game is over. Some penguins may need more attention than others.

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Download Fruit Chef Fruit Chef icon
Fruit Chef

Slice fruits by swiping from the bottom and up. Avoid bad objects. Upgrade your knife to increase your performance. When you are skilled, you will get special orders.

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Download TowerJelly TowerJelly icon

Tap to drop the jelly blox while they move left and right. The more accurate you drop the blox the higher score you'll get. If you miss 3 blox the game is over. Good Jelly Luck!

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Download JellyBlox JellyBlox icon

Very fun and addictive puzzle game. Move rows vertical or horizontal, to pop 3 or more Jelly Blox of the same color. If you are not fast enough the blox will lock. To remove locks, you must pop the Jelly Blox.

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Download CoolPool CoolPool icon

Cool Pool is a very fun and addictive pool game. Pop all the red balls into the pockets. Use your finger to control direction and speed of the white ball.

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Download Crazy Spacy Crazy Spacy icon
Crazy Spacy

Crazy Spacy is a very addictive puzzle game, with many cool features. Choose different spaceships with different skills in speed. Pick up enemies and drop them quickly, so you get three in a row diagonally, horizontally or vertically. Collect Power ups to make the game more existing and blast away the enemies. Make sure you collect extra life and t…

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Download Sea Battle Sea Battle icon
Sea Battle

Amazing and fun battle game. Shoot your opponents fleet with torpedo’s, triple bomb’s or airstrike from the sky. Get cool rewards when finding treasures. Buy more items in the shop and defend your pride as a captain at war. 1. Setup your fleet Tap an item to arrange Tap and drag to place Tap to rotate item Tap green check mark 2. Start attack…

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Download MagicMarbles MagicMarbles icon

Destroy marbles by forming groups of 3 or more marbles of the same color. Tap the screen to shoot the marbles, tap the cannon to swap the color of the marble to be shot.

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Download Fruit Pop Fruit Pop icon
Fruit Pop

Tap and draw a line to collect fruits. The more fruits you clear the better score and bonus features you will receive. Some levels require you to clear special blocks. You only have a certain amount of moves for each level. Clear the level quick and receive bonus items.

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Download Tower Jelly Tower Jelly icon
Tower Jelly

Tap to drop the jelly blox while they move left and right. The more acurate you drop them on the blox, the higher score you get. If you miss 3 blox it is game over. Good jelly luck.

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