• Dude, Where's My Kaabah


    Dude, Where's My Kaabah - not all can pinpoint the correct direction, not all can remember the direction every time they move around. Works with or without GPS, its useful and informative with lots of things for many. Advertising space is also available, contact us today! Pray the correct way.

  • Lampu Picit




    Lampu Picit, is also known as Lampu Suluh, which both means torchlight. It can utilize camera flash as a torchlight, or automatically will bright up the screen when there's none. Instantly on, anytime. Just light it up!

  • Path Calc




    Path Calc is a Radio Link analysis application. Currently it can do : FSL calc, Power Receive, Fresnel, EarthBulge and Knife-edge diffraction analysis. This is not a tool to find alien in space. But who knows, you might get lucky.

  • TransTwist




    Twist the language into almost any language you could possibly comprehend, in almost real-time translation. Feel free to translate almost anything, for free.

  • TwistDoku




    An alpha version of sudoku. Only the one who can play sudoku, can play sudoku. What happened in TwistDoku, stays in TwistDoku. TwistDoku is just like a haiku; Out of numbers, Luck no more, Mind twisted. Enjoy our first ever application/game on Android, more will come in the future.

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