Tyler Brockett

  • Guest List




    Please email me if the app crashes on you. Let me know how to replicate the issue. If the app continues to crash, you will likely have to start fresh by deleting the data file in InternalSD/Guest List/app data/GuestListData.txt and maybe the settings file in InternalSD/Guest List/app...

  • Counter




    Keep count of whatever you'd like. Reps at the gym, times around the track, people in line, anything! Very simple interface, consists of only three buttons. Tags: clicker counter click count number people reps times people

  • Tip Calculator




    Easy to use tip calculator. Set the number of people, the amount on the bill, the percentage you want to tip, and the rest is done for you! The app calculates the Base Price Per Person, Total Tip, Total Cost, Tip Per Person, and Total Cost Per Person. A simple mode is available right now, an...

  • Bluetooth Control




    IMPORTANT: You need to download the NEW version of the extra files. More than just this app are needed. Go to the bottom to download the rest. This app is capable of controlling certain functions of your computer through Bluetooth Communication. It can control iTunes, PowerPoint Presentations,...

  • Bluetooth Control With Voice




    IMPORTANT: More than just this app are needed. Go to the bottom to download the rest. Modified version of the original Bluetooth Control, this time including voice control! Also, this version allows you to edit the commands in case you want to create your own AutoHotKey script to use with it. It...

  • DigiPad




    Play the drums on your phone! Use the little pads to simulate hitting a drum or cymbal. Try to come up with fun or unique beats! NOTES: May only work on large screens. I will be fixing this issue soon. Let me know how it looks and works on smaller devices. Keywords: drum pad digi sample sampler...

  • Flashlight




    A very simple flashlight application. Just press the button to toggle the camera flash on or off! This is the first version of the app, please email me before giving it a bad rating and I will try to work out any kinks there might be! Permissions: WRITE SETTINGS is to adjust the screen...

  • Here, There, and Everywhere




    This app is dedicated to the most amazing person I know. This was the app I created to assist me in proposing to my girlfriend, who I've been dating for seven years. It is kind of a scavenger hunt where she would go to certain destinations which had meaning to our relationship. At each...

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