• LoL Videos !




    DOWNLOAD FREE application and have fun and great! A tube funny and entertaining videos, updated daily, with the ability to post your own videos in seconds. Do not get bored more and download it! functional in all situations as times passes or's take a laugh with friends or family. - New...

  • Pesetacoin Faucet




    With this free app you will get 5 Pesetacoins every day! Direct to your purse. Have you heard of criptomonedas? Prepare for the future with a good piggy bank, as simple as opening the application of Pesetacoin Faucet indicate your wallet and go! Do not wait more and share it with family and...

  • Joints Calculator




    How many times have you wondered, Have I smoked a lot? How much? All your questions will be answered easily with this free application. Download it now and be amazed with the money you've spent!

  • Pesetacoin widget ptc




    ¿Quieres tener el precio de la pesetacoin siempre a mano? Instalate este widget. Con sólo mirar la pantalla de tu dispositivo sabrás el precio actual de cambio. ¿A que esperas? ex. bitcoin, litecoing, dogecoin, ptc

  • Cristy Recetas




    ¡Ya está aquí la cocina fácil y entretenida para todo el mundo! En Cristy Recetas he querido reunir platos sencillos y saludables que he ido aprendiendo a través de mi familia y webs especializadas. Algunas recetas tienen toques italianos, gracias a mi gran unión con esa tierra. La aplicación...

  • Get Free Bitcoins every day




    New manager web pages that give Bitcoins every day! Very simply, just be copying your Bitcoin wallet address, and you see the web and pasting it into your bitcoins receive within 1 to 24 hours. Many page spread bitcoins every half hour! Do not miss your chance. Earn free money!

  • LoL Gifs




    From the creators of LoL Videos! here comes LoL Gifs! A free application for best and funniest gif. We just have to go giving the Next button and will appear the gif, the gif can be shared by Line Whatsapp or simply by clicking on the gif, very easy! Head over hours entertained while laughing....

  • Master Control Volume




    ********************************************** Now Available Master volume control! You can set all the sounds of the mobile from the same application in a super simple, all under control. You can set the volume: - Ringtones - Media - Alarm - Voice Call - Notification Try it! amaze you!

  • Texto a voz




    Simple y practico! Escriba el texto que quiera y haga click en sintetizar, después pulse en Play todas las veces que quiera para escucharla!

  • Big Numbers Call




    A larger keyboard practical and easier to use!

  • Chistes




    Se abre el telón y... ¡más de 10.000 chistes GRATIS clasificados en humor de todo tipo! Verdes, de Lepe, sexo, borrachos, Jaimito, mamá mamá, doctor doctor, infantiles y muchos más. Comparte con tus amigos y familiares Chistes Cortos por WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail y muchos más....

  • Chainsaw real Sound !




    ************************************* A great chainsaw, you can give more or less gas, thus changing the sound. Up to 100% where even listening to the slaughter you can do! Go ahead and try it, surprise your friends and family with a perfect chainsaw. Can be used to make jokes like waking someone!

  • Hon Sounds (Heroes of Newerth)




    All sounds of game Heores of Newerth!

  • Memes in Whatsapp




    Enjoy creating memes and sharing it in any application! You can choose the background, your favorite meme, add phrases and share it with your friends and family. It supports any application that can share images for example: - Whatsapp - Line - Instagram - Gmail - Etc! Can be useful in any...

  • Bubbles Kids Entertain




    Download this app and you can entertain the kids for a while! It has a nice background music, sound effect to pop bubbles and visual effect! Try it now and will convince you! Children will have fun and entertaining!

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