• FlashDroid




    FlashDroid is a simple flashlight app. It brightens your screen, and makes it easy to find stuff in the dark. It's still in development, and I appreciate your comments and suggestions!

  • Ubuntu Countdown




    Note: This is in alpha stage, and may contain bugs. I am working on it a lot, so don't think it's dormant. :) A (simple) Ubuntu countdown application, with a simple timer that counts down until the next release. Note: You must have an internet connection to refresh the timer.

  • UbuMonkey 2.2 Mobile Alpha 1




    UbuMonkey for Android is here! This is the first ALPHA release. It may be buggy. Please send us bug reports. UbuMonkey for Android is a simplistic browser. With just a Go and Back button, it's extremely lightweight. Source Code is available here: http://ubudog.net/UbuMonkeyMobile.zip

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