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  • UCam Ultra Camera




    Auto enhance & Filter effect &Fancy sticker & selfie & Totally Free UCam Camera is the most popular & powerful photographing software! More than 80,000,000 users are enjoying UCam Camera, Why they always choosing UCam Camera? ★ Over 80,000,000 users and 11 languages ! ★...

  • Filter Collage-edit&multiple




    With Filter Collage, You can combine ordinary photos into worth-share photos; you can use different filters on every grids of a photo; you can enjoy with your friends and families by sharing the awesome photos to popular photo social networks. *Features*: - 60 amazing templates Use the 60 kinds...

  • Cartoon Face




    Adding new function of filter, making the interface more varied. Extra!The world cup all star series Online now,Cartoon Face let you look different! You are super star! Cartoon Face - the Cartoon world is COLORFUL! It is amazing! Capture by your phone, get Cartoon Face! YES, Cartoon Face is the...

  • 伊拍相机




    伊拍相机“遇见最美的自己”自拍晒美照,限量个性定制手机壳等你来领取! 伊拍相机“魔棒——换背景”功能凤凰涅槃,重磅来袭,引导更明晰、操作更便捷,背景更多样。 爱自拍?但是背景太难看怎么办?伊拍,最智能的自拍神器!“魔棒”功能全新上线,智能人像,只要一键,百样背景让你想换就换! 1.N种可供选择的背景:光线不ok,背景不ok,木有关系!“咔嚓”自拍定格,伊拍“魔棒”提供多样背景任你选择:落英缤纷的凄美、漫画世界的梦幻和流行元素的时尚,让你体验一把完美的换背景之旅。想和都教授一样来自星星不再是问题!...

  • Light Launcher (Smart Home)




    An highly customized home replacement application which is light, quick and easy to use! Light launcher is not just a launcher but a new life pattern! Lottery, Stars, Beauty, Weather, Photograph, it can do anything! Choose Light Launcher, experience easy and free life. 【Functions】 1....

  • 轻桌面搜索助手




    轻桌面搜索助手,快速定位和查找目标应用,并将精彩纷呈的壁纸智能推荐给您。 【功能亮点】 1. 一键快搜:一键搜索本地和网络应用,快速网罗所有精彩应用 2. 直接下载:精品APP马上下载安装,快速体验丰富生活 3. 多彩壁纸:海量壁纸搜索,壁纸快速设置,为你带来五彩缤纷的个性壁纸世界 4. 智能分类:智能检测资源,规划杂乱无章的应用排序,快速定位目标应用 【联系我们】 客服QQ: 2969327217 用户QQ群: 212081836 新浪微博:http://weibo.com/lightlauncher/...

  • Ultra Gallery




    UGallery(Ultra Gallery) is a new product of UCam team. It is- 1. the fastest Galley application. 2. co-work with UCam(Ultra Camera) - share pictures to SNS sites. - post process to the picture.

  • UCam Ultra Camera for Tablet




    This is tablet/pad version of UCam Ultra Camera. UCam is an absolutely ultra camera application, it - 1. Support more than 30 software/hardware camera parameters to make sure high quality picture/video. 2. More than 60 capture scenarios help you to be a shining star on magazine, billboard and...

  • USpyCam (Ultra Spy Camera)




    USpyCam, the most powerful spy camera killer tool ever! It can- 1. capture without preview 2. capture without screen display 3. have killer mute way which can work in all devices 4. capture automatically 5. recording 6. support timestamp. It can be used as vehicle traveling data recorder!...

  • UShare




    UShare is one powerful tool of UCam products. It is - 1). fast file transfer tool between PC and your phone. 2). QR Code Scanner.It can be used easily as text reader, webpage reader and so on. Please follow UShare user manual for detail. Contact us - support@u-camera.com More info in...

  • UInput




    Use your camera as input method. UInput provides the fastest way to input on our smartphone. just 2 simple steps: 1. Open - slide to the camera window of UInput (this is usually done automatically if UInput is set as default input method) 2. Type - type some words using either UShare or...

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