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Ultra Voice Changer

Also check out our new app for making calls with voice effects (Phone Call Ultra Voice Changer) http://goo.gl/x0Y4Yu ! Free technical support is available, for this app, on the discussion forum: http://bit.ly/OKpSgN 30+ FREE Voice Effects ! Note: Dalek voices are actually labeled as: Cyborg I, Cyborg II, and Cyborg III in the actual app. Robot…

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Phone Call Ultra Voice Changer

- call your buddies using different voice effects ! - prank your friends. - create cool/funny/unusual phone greetings. - If you don’t have a SIP account (SIP is an international standard for making VOIP [voice over IP] calls) you need to first obtain one. You can get free sip accounts at www.linphone.org or do a web search of ‘free sip account’…

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Neat Camera

Take neat pictures using cool special effects ! You can also import your existing pictures and apply filters to them as well. Try applying filters in different combinations to achieve artistic results. If you have a question or issue, ask me by email or on Facebook. There's no way for me to respond to Market comments. This free app includes 5…

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Labyrinth 2

You are lost in a labyrinthian world of 100 mazes. To get to the next level, you need to find the flaming torch. Mazes get progressively more difficult to complete. Do you have the tenacity and fortitude to make it through all 100 mazes ? Not many people will be able to make it to level 25 and only the most tenacious will be able to complete l…

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Ultra Voice Changer 2

14 FREE Voice Effects: * evil lord * baby robot * swedish * bee * chipmunk * whale * foreign language * motor mouth * cult * helium * hummingbird * evil spirit * bass robot * robot Note that this product cannot be used to spoof your voice within phone calls.

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Morse Code Defender

Your mission is to decipher alien transmissions. For some inexplicable reason, they are encoded in Morse Code. You are tasked with deciphering the transmissions as quickly and correctly as possible. The fate of Earth may lie in your hands.. For full word mode, search for the app: Deluxe Morse Code Attack! CREDITS: The background image used in th…

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Thumb Duel

- a game of skill. - forget rock, paper, scissors. - use Thumb Duel to resolve your differences ! - who gets the last piece of cake ? challenge them to a thumb duel to resolve it. :). - there are NO ties. - Options include: one-shot (1). short (3). long (7). Marathon (11) - duel with a buddy - OR duel with the Computer. - warning: the C…

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Deluxe Morse Code Attack!

You can test drive this app via a web browser on the Amazon site. Level 130 -> 13.30 WPM. Level 165 -> 20.03 WPM. Level 200 -> 40.00 WPM. You need to be able to read and write English in order to play this game. Word drill mode selects words from a dictionary of more than 10000 words. Even though this is presented in a game like format…

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Bird Goalie

Do you have the skills and reflexes to be a Top Bird Goalie ? Hint: Use alternating thumbs to block the most difficult balls.

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Ultra Pool

* Computer aided targeting system allows you to hit multi-bounce shots with ease. * Collision tracking system shows you exactly where you hit each target ball, to help you improve your shot making capability. * Crosshairs precision targeting system. * Real-time HUD [heads up display]. * Each player's objective is to pocket either all SOLIDS or…

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