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Final Launcher

Easy operation, lightness, and design which is different from ones of others. Touch "Final Launcher" and experience this quality. Customizing of live wallpaper and theme that only uistore can do. "Final Launcher" is a home application that can customize your Android phone. 【Feature】 ★Selectable default themes (New themes w…

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Paris Theme

Theme of Final Launcher "Paris". Personalized theme that the combination of pink and monochrome is sophisticated cute. The street of cute Paris and the Girly motif are fashionable♪ by uistore.net ※The download of home application 「Final Launcher」 that uistore.net delivers is needed to use this home. 【 Final Launcher download URL 】…

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StickMan LWallpaper [FL ver.]

Overachiever, but innocent Stick Man's playful comedy!? Just looking at this wallpaper makes us happy♪ FreeTrialVersion!! by uistore.net. ★You can choose the background from a note, cross-section paper, Japanese writing paper, cork and desk. Please enjoy the background you like!! ★React to a tap!? You should try it!! ★If he is lazy, give hi…

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Zen Garden -Fall- LW

◆ZEN GARDEN series has been downloaded 2,700,000 so far◆ Thank you very very much for your support!! Please enjoy beautiful autumn in the Japanese garden where you can feel "ZEN".Just looking at the garden of autumn visible from the Japanese-style room with dignity will heal your mind.by uistore.net   ※This live wallpaper is a free vers…

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Download pink heart LW [FL ver.] pink heart LW [FL ver.] icon
pink heart LW [FL ver.]

It is a live wallpaper which is able to lovely decorate your specification with charm of heart of pink base. FreeTrialVersion!! by uistore.net. ★The heart and the star additionally shake to touch, the slide, and the inclination. (*It is also possible to do the setting that doesn't synchronize with the inclination.) ★The pattern of the heart…

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Download sweet tree LWallpaper[FL ver.] sweet tree LWallpaper[FL ver.] icon
sweet tree LWallpaper[FL ver.]

A live wallpaper that imaged in girl's dream♪ The girl is surrounding by favorite things in the cute pastel world♪ FreeTrialVersion!! by uistore.net. ★It is possible to choose girl’s clothes from three kinds of clothes. (*Paidversion only) ★You can choose from five kinds of lovely backdrops! (*PaidVersion only) ★Girl who is play on the swing r…

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paper town [FL ver.]

The LiveWallpaper of kind of cute and stylish streets expressed by the paper craft. Coming of winter on paper town! It is created a unusual town scenery by snowing. Let's enjoy winter!:-) FreeTrialVersion!! by uistore.net. ★Snow and scenery the snow piles have been added. ★It synchronizes at time of daytime and evening(*)and night(*)(*PaidV…

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antique room LW[FL ver.]

There are many animals in the antique room. Let's look for the hiding animals! by uistore.net ★The dog, the hedgehog, the flying squirrel, the cat, the alpaca, the flamingo, and the zebra react to the tap. ★You can purchase the animal and custom of the room from setting screen! Let's customize it more lovely! (If you purchase any one of cu…

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Download Zen Garden -Spring- LWallpaper Zen Garden -Spring- LWallpaper icon
Zen Garden -Spring- LWallpaper

◆ZEN GARDEN series has been downloaded 2,700,000 so far◆ Thank you very very much for your support!! The coming of spring to the Japanese garden where "Zen" is felt. Please enjoy gorgeous full-bloomed cherry blossoms. When you looked at warm and calm garden, you feel a transient season beautifully. by uistore.net ■■up-to-date informa…

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Download Sweets Shop LW [FL ver.] Sweets Shop LW [FL ver.] icon
Sweets Shop LW [FL ver.]

A lot of very pretty sweets♪ LiveWallpaper which feels kind of fun in the dreamland such as picture book♪ FreeTrialVersion!! by uistore.net ★It is interlocked with time in noon and night.(*PaidVersion only) ★A boy and girl is appear♪They munch sweets by touch! ★A Cat, a dog and a bird are also appear♪ Touch it♪ ★A shop, a train, a street, a ca…

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