Download neco. -Save the Friends- neco. -Save the Friends- icon
neco. -Save the Friends-

Laid-back~, languidly~ and cute live wallpaper of popular character 「neco.」♪ Simple game just by tapping the screen! There was an island of “neco. Land” in a certain place. A small pink cat named “neco."" and various animals lived happily on the island. One day, huge octopuses suddenly came to peaceful neco. land, and his friends hav…

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colorless LiveWallpaper

Live wallpaper which can feel your fave color by uistore.net ★You can choose between 5 different backgrounds. (* Only paid version) ★You can select either the petals flutter or not. (* Only paid version) ★You can select time that flowers are colored. (* Only paid version) ★You can choose the butterfly that flutters on the screen from among red,…

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Download Je t’aime LiveWallpaper Free Je t’aime LiveWallpaper Free icon
Je t’aime LiveWallpaper Free

Special price!! "Je t'aime" is on sale from December 26 to January 6! Live wall paper of “Shojono Tomo” who executes artworks with an absorbing passion regardless of the genre. “Love story of Frying-pan and Egg. “My ex-girlfriend “Egg” has been deprived by a Teflon-coated man. The heartrending courtship dance of a Frying-pan man of…

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ZZZ… LiveWallpaper

The live wallpaper of pretty dozing animals in the warm weather that the soft breeze blows. by uistore.net ★A bear, a squirrel, a caterpillar, and a mole react to a tap♪ ★The mole is very busy with coming and going by the tap. ★The number of moles can be changed. ★Because the bear and the squirrel are sleeping, please touch them gently :-) ★Move…

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Download Little Snowman Theme Little Snowman Theme icon
Little Snowman Theme

Theme of Final Launcher "Little Snowman". Extraordinarily cute personalized theme of winter♪ A small snowman seems to carry happiness! by uistore.net ※The download of home application 「Final Launcher」 that uistore.net delivers is needed to use this home. 【 Final Launcher download URL 】 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?i…

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Download The64Cubes LiveWallpaper The64Cubes LiveWallpaper icon
The64Cubes LiveWallpaper

It changes into one functional cube by your tap. Live wallpaper that 64 cubes float in mysterious space. by uistore.net ★Seven kinds of themes can be selected.(NOMAL、Metalic、Metalic-black-、STONE、NATURAL WOOD、Day、Night) ★The font of the calendar can be selected among three kinds.(Sans-Serif、Serif、Stencil) ★The letter color of the calendar c…

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Download TheMovers LiveWallpaper TheMovers LiveWallpaper icon
TheMovers LiveWallpaper

Live wallpapers that a wonder object returning to the fixed position without fail is displayed. You can customize it your favorite movement and shape.There is no doubt that you get hooked on wonder objects ‘‘mover’’ which moves mysteriously. by uistore.net. ★The setting is possible over many divergences such as 11 kinds of objects, the color of t…

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Download neco. LiveWallpaper neco. LiveWallpaper icon
neco. LiveWallpaper

Laid-back~, languidly~ and cute live wallpaper of popular character 「neco.」♪ by uistore.net. ★ Scenery changes according to time such as daytime, evening(*) and night(*). (*Paidversion only) ★ Balloon, sun and moon react to the tap♪ ★ There are also rare patterns that neco. moves at random such as wearing sunglasses and wearing glasses with th…

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Download HOTARU LiveWallpaper HOTARU LiveWallpaper icon
HOTARU LiveWallpaper

A landscape in Japan... LiveWallpaper that beautifully lambent fireflies are dancing. by uistore.net ★The time of the background and the number of fluttering fireflies change at daytime and night. ★The time of the background and the number of fluttering fireflies can be freely set. (*PaidVersion Only) ★It corresponds to a horizontal screen. ★Able…

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Download GlossyMetal LiveWallpaper GlossyMetal LiveWallpaper icon
GlossyMetal LiveWallpaper

It is functional cool live wallpaper that time and the battery residual quantity and a day of the week are displayed at the center of the ring of a glossy metal!! by uistore.net. ★When you touch the center, you can check the time and the battery residual quantity and a day of the week. ★You can register the shortcut of your favorite application in…

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