Ultimate Games

  • Music for Pregnancy Relaxation


    Music for Pregnancy Relaxation is the MUST-HAVE relaxing app for any mom and mom-to-be Classical music has been proven to be the music of intelligence. Recent studies have shown that listening to classical music can have lasting effects on one's brain; it can stimulate brain function in...

  • Super Robot Shooting - Battle Squad


    Super Robot Shooting is an epic robot battle and shooting game, an addicting games especially for kids who loves robot battle and war. The story begin in 22th century when the real steel robot all over the world now equip with the latest AI technology and become so smart. Tired of being under...

  • Cool Math Workout - Fun Math Game with Zombies




    Love math, and hate freaking zombies? Here we come the cool interesting math workout game for you and your kids, funny and most interesting ever. In Cool Math Workout with Zombies, your mission is prevent the zombies from running into your happy house. Every zombie is currently stuck in a...

  • Monster Mine




    Monster Mine is a cool and cute mine games with simple game play. HOW TO PLAY: Control your monsters in a mine world, dig down by matching monsters together and make them explode. Collecting copper, silver, gold and diamond to enrich your score. Dig fast and as deep as possible before the time...

  • Baby Sleep Music And Sound


    You feel overwhelming when your baby is always cries and doesn't sleep? You feel stress and you can not sleep? Baby Sleep Music And Sound (include lullaby) absolutely can calm and relax you and your baby, it will help your baby sleep easily with soft and sleepy music and natural sound...

  • Feed the 2 Birds


    Easy game but VERY hard to get high score. Gameplay is simple, just tap to help the bird jump and get the fruit of same color. However, you must control 2 birds at once. Tap on left side of screen to control the RED bird. Tap on right side of screen to control the YELLOW bird. Remember: don't...

  • Squishy Fish Adventure


    In a reef of the beautiful ocean, a little splashy clown fish named Nemo is trying to escape from the squishy hungry sharks. From everywhere, the sharks come just like a bunch of birds in the sky.You must help Nemo by using his friendly coral to attack the incoming sharks as quick as possible....

  • Squishy Bird




    In a cold winter, a little squishy bird family now on the way flying to the south seeking for sunshine. Suddenly, little father recognize that one tiny flappy bird has been lost so he must fly back and find his son. Unfortunately, that time a lot of birds are on their way to. Your mission is...

  • Bunny Jump - Adventure World


    Bunny is back in his MOST ANTICIPATED adventure ever! Bunny Jump is #1 exciting jumping game on Appstore Grab the phone and get ready for a exciting adventure now. Your goal is simple - jump as high as possible to collect all the carrots because Bunny loves them. The more carrots you collect the...

  • 6.2

    Squishy Bird




    Squash everyone's favorite pixel-bird in his very own pipes

  • Puzzle Wars - Battle of Rome




    Puzzle Wars is an interesting combination of puzzle and strategy war game. Playing as a roman emperor, you must lead your army to conquer enemy castles, put an end to the long lasting war on your territory. HOW TO PLAY: - Your army will consist of 7 kind of soldiers: 1. Citizen 2....

  • 7.1

    Doraemon Jump - Mega Jump Game




    Collect doreyakis and continue jumping high

  • Free Cupid's Game of Love


    Fun and cute game for lovers on Valentine's Day (Free version with ads). Play as little angel Cupid, try to shoot flying hearts and bring love to life. Let's install this amazing game to your boyfriend/ girlfriend's device and edit in-game custom message (for example: Love you Mary, Be my...

  • Missile Defense Extreme FREE


    Defend our beloved earth by firing missiles against the deadly alien ships. Premium version here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/missile-defense-extreme/id590405141?ls=1&-mt=8 Fun and easy gameplay, a good game to relax and free your mind from your busy life. Tap the screen to launch missile,...

  • Diamond Mine


    Premium version, no advertising, optimized speed, improved sound and graphics, unique power-ups. Diamond mine is a cool and cute mine games with simple game play. HOW TO PLAY: Control your monsters in a mine world, dig down by matching monsters together (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) and make...

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