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  • Islamic Flash

    Islamic Flash




    “Islamic flash” is an Islamic app that allows you to enjoy “swf videos” about different Islamic issues , which are divided to 4 section :- 1- ENGLISH ISLAMIC FLASH , like : prophet mohamad (peace be upon him ),last breath ,islam explanation, the true religion . 2- ISLAMIC ADVOCACY FLASH , like...

  • Arab Gold Prices

    Arab Gold Prices




    Provides a live gold price for most of the Arab countries like UAE, Jordan, Egypt ,, and more than 10 other countries :) We didn't forget the news too , so you can watch the latest worldwide gold news by a few simple clicks :) Don't forget to rate our app ^_^ :) يحتوي على اسعار الذهب...

  • Muslim Counter

    Muslim Counter




    A very useful tool for Muslims to count their "tasbeeh" and things similar :) Don't forget to rate our app ^_^ :) اداة مميزة وبسيطه تساعدك على عد عدد مرات تسبيحك وتهليلك :) اتمنى منكم دعوة خالصة عن ظهر قلب لأخوكم احمد ^_^...

  • Quran Online

    Quran Online




    Includes full Quran translation for 35 languages :) Smooth and easy to use :) Requires adobe flash player :) Enjoy ;) ,, and don't forget to rate our app ^_^ :) يحتوي على القران كامل مترجم الى 35 لغة ترجمة كامله ,, بصوت 3 شيوخ :) تطبيق سهل بسيط ورائع :) يتطلب الفلاش بلاير ليعمل بشكل...

  • Muslim Ringtone

    Muslim Ringtone




    Includes a very nice Nasheed's that can be used as a ringtone for all smartphone kinds :) Easy and helpful ^^

  • Live Islam

    Live Islam




    “Live Islam” make watching some of Arabic channels available to you. You will find in this app your favorite channels , which are divided into 2 classes :- 1- Islamic channels, like: “Iqraa” , “Alresalah tv ” , “Almajd tv” , “Almajd Quran tv” , “Alafasi tv” . 2- Children channels , like :...

  • Tajweed





    Includes most of Al Tajweed rules ,, Simple , Easy and fun to read :) Don't forget to rate our app ^^ :) يحتوي على معظم احكام التجويد بشكل مفصّل وممتع :) من احكام النون والتنوين الى الغنة الى المد واقسامه وغيرها الكثير :) نتنمنى منكم دعوة صالحة عن ظهر قلب...

  • MP3 Quran

    MP3 Quran




    MP3 Quran the most downloaded free audio Quran App on Market :) The easiest ever for streaming (HQ) High Quality MP3 Quran files for alot of reciters:) Available reciters are over 100, The most famous are: Maher Al Mo'ekle Ahmad Al Ajmy Sa'd Al Ghamdi Abd Al Rahman Al Sodes Fares...

  • Mecca Live

    Mecca Live




    Watch Mecca and Al Madina 24 hours live streaming directly with Audio support ^^ Don't forget to rate our app :D Tags: Mecca Pilgrimage Hajj Committee Hajj & Umrah Live Mecca Live Kaaba Live Makkah Jeddah Qibla Kiblah Muslim Place Prayer Islam Medina Ramadan Mecca Madina Makkah Hajj...

  • Islamic Theology

    Islamic Theology




    A treasure for those who doesn't know anything about Islam :) Don't forget to rate our app ^_^ :) يعتبر كنز من الكنوز للاشخاص الذين لا يعرفون شيئاً عن الاسلام :) لا تنسوا التقييم ^_^ :)

  • Charity الصدقة

    Charity الصدقة




    يحتوي على الصدقة وما ورد عنها من احاديث واّيات تدل على عظم أجرها ومجالاتها التي تجب بها والكثييير عنها .. :) اتمنى منكم التجربه ولا تنسوا التقييم ^^ :)

  • Zaka Calculator

    Zaka Calculator




    Very easy helpful tool let you calculate your Zaka and explains everything about it , like when and how much you need to pay. :) Don't forget to rate our app ^_^ :) اداة بسيطه ومميزة لحساب الزكاة , تحتوي على جميع احكام الزكاة وكيفية الحساب ومتى تجب :) لا تنسوا التقييم ^_^...

  • Scientific Quran Miracles

    Scientific Quran Miracles




    A very interesting application includes alot of amazing facts and Quran scientific miracles. Facts that we were told about 1400 years ago but we didn't focus on it :) Don't forget to rate our app ^_^ :) يحتوي على اعجاز قراني علمي رائع جداً وحقائق اوصلها لنا النبي عليه الصلاة والسلام...

  • Islamic Multimedia

    Islamic Multimedia




    Deliver a live high quality broadcast channels , Radios and Reciters with a nice style :) A great tool everymuslim should have :) If you like it don't forget to rate it ^^ :) تطبيق رائع يوفر امكانية مشاهدة القنوات التلفزيونية ببث مباشر اضافة الى اذاعات الراديو واذاعات الشيوخ المعروفين بشكل...

  • Azkar Planet

    Azkar Planet




    All the azkar you need anytime anywhere :) Supports more than 15 demo languages, Arabic and English is fully supported :) Contains alot of conditions like ,, after praying, waking up , sleep, morning, evening .. etc :) Please if you like this app ,, don't forget to rate it ^^ :)

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