Unbeat soft

  • Live skull

    Live skull




    Live skull, funny wallpapers for your phone. Fuming and burning cigarette in his mouth skull. Rub it on the forehead and the smoke goes from the nose. Rub his jaw, will be observed aggression. Also skull eyes watching your actions. This is a very fun set and surprise your friends! Enjoy!

  • Phone eyes

    Phone eyes




    Eyes phone, live wallpaper. Set the evil eyes and relive your phone. Every time you unlock your phone will change eye color : red, green, blue. Eyes move, and it seems that the phone lives his life.

  • Easter wallpaper

    Easter wallpaper




    Funny spring, Easter, live wallpaper. This wallpaper will give your phone and tablet festive look. Enjoy watching the animation of clouds, balloons that rise into the sky. Also animated Easter bunnies and Easter rain. Touching the screen displays shine. Easter fun for you and spring, enjoy!

  • Face of your phone

    Face of your phone




    Face of your phone, live wallpaper. Now thanks to this application, you can create a funny face your phone or tablet. You can recreate the mood on the screen. You can change facial expressions finger swipe. You can also choose the background color settings. It's pretty cool and funny...

  • Space





    Space, live wallpaper. Amazing earth view, flying asteroids, blinking stars. Tilt your device for parallax effect. Feel infinity and tranquility of universe.

  • Phone thermometer

    Phone thermometer




    Phone thermometer, live wallpaper. Set this live wallpaper, and monitor the temperature, CPU usage and memory, battery power. Temperature is read from the battery sensor, if such is present, if is not present the sensor, output temperature 0C. Setting the wallpaper, you can switch between...

  • Tamed skeleton

    Tamed skeleton




    Human skeleton, live wallpaper. Overturn, throw, and manipulate the skeleton. Enjoy.

  • Stones underwater

    Stones underwater




    Stones underwater, live wallpaper. Touch the screen to enjoy water ripples. Choose from six backgrounds. Enjoy.

  • Adobook





    Audio book player is focused to use folders, not ID3 tags, easy to use, was written for himself. Specify the root folder for audio files. Click "Select book", and select the folder with the book to start playing. - Automatic shutdown in case you fall asleep. To further shake the...

  • Christmas teddy bears

    Christmas teddy bears




    Christmas live wallpaper with teddy bears. In the settings you can change the background or turn on auto change background, add snow effect or touching the water. For those who love teddy bears, picked up the best backgrounds. Install and enjoy.

  • Skull live

    Skull live




    Skull, live wallpaper. Looks how changes colors of skull. Enjoy amazing effects. Support landscape and portrait modes.

  • Orchid over water

    Orchid over water




    Orchid over water, live wallpaper. Relax and meditate looking at the orchid over water. In options you can add: water ripple touch effect and falling petals. Wallpaper support portrait and landscape modes and high resolution devices.

  • Transferus



    Данная программа предназначена для облегчения предварительного заказа пассажирских перевозок в любой отель который находится на территории ТК "Буковель", а также в любую точку Карпатского региона по доступным ценам. Данная программа может работать в автономном режиме, она отправляет ваш...

  • Sakura





    Sakura live wallpaper. TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers-> Select wallpaper from the list. -Does not drain your battery life time. -Automatically resize to your resolution for the best view. -Phones and tablets support. -Portrait and ladscape modes support. -Can...

  • Neon dragon

    Neon dragon




    Neon dragon live wallpaper -Does not drain your battery life time. -Automatically resize to your resolution for the best view. -Phones and tablets support. -Portrait and ladscape modes support. -Can be moved to SD Card

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