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  • Relief Central w/ Ebola Guide




    ** NEW Ebola Guidelines available, featuring recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and Johns Hopkins Antibiotic (ABX) Guide ** Relief Central™ is a free mobile and web resource developed by the staff and friends of Unbound...

  • Pocket Guide to DX Tests


    Preview, Buy, or Sign In using this app FREE PREVIEW - View select topics to review evidence-based recommendations for ordering and interpreting laboratory, diagnostic, and imaging tests. ABOUT POCKET GUIDE TO DIAGNOSTIC TESTS Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, provides immediate,...

  • Emergency Central




    Emergency Central is an integrated web and mobile service built specifically for emergency medicine professionals. Disease, diagnosis, and step-by-step treatment resources are integrated using Unbound Medicine’s Cross Links, allowing you to find answers in resources immediately. Identify possible...

  • The Merck Manual Home Edition


    Preview, Buy, or Sign In using this app. FREE PREVIEW – View select topics demonstrating The Merck Manual – Home’s expert home health medical recommendations written in everyday language. ABOUT THE MERCK MANUAL – HOME When you or your loved ones are sick, where do you turn for medical...

  • Davis's Drug Guide 2015




    ** New 2015 app includes dozens of new and hundreds of updated topics derived from Davis's Drug Guide 14th Edition ** **Used by tens of thousands of health care professionals, worldwide. We also power official DrugGuide.com website. ** The new Davis’s Drug Guide 2015 delivers trusted,...

  • Merck Manual




    ** The Top-Rated Merck Manual App delivered via Unbound's Award-Winning Platform ** Preview, Buy, or Sign In using this app. FREE PREVIEW – View select topics showcasing Merck Manual’s expert-written entries with detailed diagnosis and management information. ABOUT THE MERCK MANUAL The...

  • uCentral




    For institutional site license use only! uCentral is a customizable mobile and web product for institutions that delivers answers to the point of need. Your institution can create an integrated collection of must-have medical references accessible on the web and mobile devices. Many popular...

  • Nursing Central




    ** Unbound’s Award-Winning, All-In-One Mobile and Web Solution for Nursing ** == PLEASE NOTE: Application requires a current paid subscription to the online Nursing Central service. == Nursing Central helps nurses and students find detailed information on diseases, tests, drugs, and procedures....

  • Manual of Clinical Oncology




    ** The Essential Resource for the Care of Oncology Patients ** Preview, Buy, or Sign In from this app. FREE PREVIEW – View select topics to experience the expert recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer along with common complications found while treating the disease. ABOUT...

  • 5-Minute Emergency Consult




    ** New 5th Edition Update ** Preview, Buy, or Sign In using this app. FREE PREVIEW – View select topics to see 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult’s proven, rapid-access format for the latest in emergency medicine guidance. ABOUT 5-MINUTE EMERGENCY MEDICINE CONSULT Rosen & Barkin’s...

  • MGH Psychiatry




    New 6th Edition from Unbound Medicine This latest edition of the Handbook of General Hospital Psychiatry for mobile devices provides fast, evidence-based guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric problems experienced by medically ill adults and children. Written by experts from the...

  • Gynecology and Obstetrics




    * Practical point-of-care recommendations for diagnosis and treatment * The Gynecology and Obstetrics: Johns Hopkins Manual provides on-the-spot answers to obstetrical and gynecological questions faced by students, residents, and clinicians. This trusted, comprehensive mobile resource includes...

  • Dermatology DDx




    * 600+ high-quality images for diagnosis and treatment of common dermatologic disorders * The Dermatology DDx app from Unbound Medicine delivers visual, point-of-care guidance for establishing the diagnosis of skin disorders. This powerful, photo-intensive database allows users to search, view...

  • Taber's Medical Dictionary




    ** 22nd Edition enhanced with images, audio pronunciations, and video. ** ** Used by millions of health professionals worldwide. Unbound Medicine powers the official Tabers.com website. ** Rapid advances in medicine are reflected in clinical practice as well in the terminology we use. With...

  • Harriet Lane




    ** Features New 20th Edition Content ** ** Your Go-To Pediatric Resource Updated Drug Formulary ** Preview, Buy, or Sign In using this app. FREE PREVIEW – View select topics showing Harriet Lane Handbook’s comprehensive pediatric information and renowned drug formulary. ABOUT HARRIET LANE...

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