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That is, to collect all the pictures of pretty ladies in the neighbourhood. As you run, try collect as many books as possible to get the highest score. Pink books will give you a bonus picture of a very pretty lady and will be added to your collection. Can you collect all of them? Let's play Pink Dash!

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MEOW! Cat Punch!

Let's play Cat Punch! Help the cat hit the green and shinning target and a very rare mouse to get points. To punch swipe the screen upwards. Failing to hit the green and shinning target and the mouse will cost you a life. Hitting other targets also cost you a life. If you punch a target and miss, it will cost you a point and if your score…

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Defend Earth

Oh my god! Earth perish! Scary meteorite! Scary space! Good luck Good luck You can do it ! Stop-meteorite! But it is not related to global. hehehe

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