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DayNight Multi Live Wallpaper

Now with touch functionality, automatic changing wallpaper as day progress, birds chirping sound and with more beautiful wallpapers. Sunrise, Sunset and Glowing Moon live wallpaper. Its a complete day and night multi live wallpaper. A free live wallpaper with beautiful sun rises, sun sets and glowing moon in the dark night. It also has sunset in…

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Download Gravity Fighter Ninja Gravity Fighter Ninja icon
Gravity Fighter Ninja

The situations have changed, his country is attacked and have been captured by the external forces. All the people of his country are in trouble and are praying for their freedom. There will be no hope of their extinction if the situation continues. But this man has the courage to do it. He possess the strength to deliver what it takes. He has sto…

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Download Valentines Day live Wallpaper Valentines Day live Wallpaper icon
Valentines Day live Wallpaper

***************************************************************************** A FREE VALENTINES DAY LIVE WALLPAPER!!! Please follow the below instructions to use this live wallpaper: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -Touch the screen to produce random floating hearts -A sweet animation showing a boy proposing a girl -Showing…

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Download Angry Avenger Angry Avenger icon
Angry Avenger

Welcome to the world of Angry Avenger!!! An all new game with loads of entertainment, challenges and fun with the freshness of natural surroundings and an amazing gaming experience. Angry Avenger is fatty but an energetic frog who is trying very hard to quench his hunger but has not succeeded yet and hence he is angry now. Help the frog to catch t…

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Download Sword Live Wallpaper Sword Live Wallpaper icon
Sword Live Wallpaper

A free sword live wallpaper. Experience a realistic shining sword in your phone and tablet. The sword's shine moves and produces sound as you scroll over your home menu giving you a realistic experience. This is not all, when you touch the blade it makes a swing sound and a blood split as a real sword. Get this app and enjoy the amazing expe…

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Download Applinic : Pill Reminder Applinic : Pill Reminder icon
Applinic : Pill Reminder

Have you ever been in a need of searching nearby hospitals so that you can have a visit there? Have you ever thought to have an app that will remind you when you have to take the medicines at the prescribed time? Have you ever tried to note down your health day wise so that you analyze it later? Have you ever tried noting your feedback for a partic…

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Download Vehiculary : Car Bike Manager Vehiculary : Car Bike Manager icon
Vehiculary : Car Bike Manager

Tired of keeping track of your vehicle next service dates? Have spent extra just because you missed a regular service? Do you often forgot to refill your vehicle on time? Here is an app that will do the above tasks very simple for you. Vehiculary has all necessary features related to vehicle that will help to take care of vehicle and whenever req…

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Download DayNight Multi LWP Pro DayNight Multi LWP Pro icon
DayNight Multi LWP Pro

A Pro version of FREE DayNight Multi Live Wallpaper. An awesome app for the sunrise and sunset lovers. It has below additional features: 1). Beautiful high resolution images to choose from while selecting the wallpaper 2). An option to disable even the flying birds 3). User can put the gallery as the image source for the live wallpaper with optio…

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