• ManageBox





    Style only for you. Quickly terminal settings and application management.Clear cache and tasks in automatic processing.Put the original launcher your favorite app.Support your terminal to be comfortable. Action app management and stop running apps and remove Cache. Change the shortcut toggle the...

  • ManageBox-Free





    How to use is free. Customized just for you. Setting in the terminal and application management quickly. Cache and task scheduling management. Use a shortcut to suit the scene.Support your terminal to be comfortable. Feature List 1.Uninstall the app. 2.Disable the system app. 3.Stop running...

  • Talk Timer

    Talk Timer




    This application will assist you to limit the time of incoming and outgoing calls. Notify you when a situation that has been set. How to use a set of three to start the application. You just need to start [Talk Timer]. Notified to monitor the situation [Talk Timer] is a resident. [Settings] #...

  • NucoVolume Free(VolumeControl)

    NucoVolume Free(VolumeControl)




    NucoVolumeFree is a simple cat type volume control app. NucoVolumeFree Changes to normal or silent mode or vibrate mode. Adjust the volume of the six items of the alarm system and call ringtone and notification sound media. Also, I can put a widget on the screen of your phone HOME. *You can not...

  • NucoVolume (VolumeController)

    NucoVolume (VolumeController)




    NucoVolume is a simple cat type volume control app. # Add content ver2.0.0 ------------------------------------------------------ 1.Add an icon for the widget. Icon selection screen is displayed when you place a new widget. 2.Add a widget only mode change. It is the widget does not have a...

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