University of Bristol

  • Map Your Bristol




    The app allows the user to explore and contribute content to a multilayered digital map of Bristol that is populated with crowdsourced content. The aim is that through the app and its companion website ( people can explore, research and co-create Bristol’s...

  • AquaInvaders




    Our rivers, streams, lakes and ponds are under increasing pressure from invasive non-native species. Using AquaInvaders you will be able to help the Environment Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency discover just what the extent of the problem is. Your...

  • Sealife Tracker




    If you are a diver, snorkeller, boat owner or coastal walker you can help scientists to collect much needed data on both invasive and climate change indicator marine species around the UK coastline. The Sealife Tracker project is a unique partnership between the British Sub Aqua Club, the Marine...

  • PlantTracker




    The Environment Agency, the Nature Locator team at the University of Bristol and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology have joined forces to help combat the spread of the UK’s most problematic invasive, non-native plant species. These plants are spreading quickly across the UK. They displace...

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