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  • My Classroom [BETA]

    My Classroom [BETA]




    This is a learning application for kids. This app helps the kids to learn alphabets, mathematics, opposite words, drawing etc. *** GO GREEN: Save paper & use this app *** In order to replicate the classroom, the app screen is divided into two sections; board section (teachers) and notepad...

  • Profile Scheduler (Donate)

    Profile Scheduler (Donate)




    This app doesn't do anything. This app is just to donate some money to 'unknown developers', if you like our apps. Thanks for donating. It helps us to come up with new and better apps. You can uninstall it after 20 minutes.

  • Profile Scheduler

    Profile Scheduler




    Are you tired with manually changing your phone to silent/vibrate mode during.meetings or during night? If yes, then this app will help you to automatically change the phone mode based on configurations. With this app, you can set the time, day and mode(silent/vibrate/normal). Then...

  • Web Shortcuts

    Web Shortcuts




    A simple app to create a web shortcuts on home screen. Access your favorite website (or frequently visiting website) by just clicking the icon from home screen. Features, - Create a shortcut of website on home screen. - Get the list of already created bookmarks in your browser. - Get the list...

  • Sound Controller

    Sound Controller




    A simple widget which helps you to change the phone to silent, vibrate and normal mode from home screen. After installing this widget, go to menu(home screen) then click Add > Widgets > Sound Control. That's it !!! Tags: Volume control, volume manager, sound manager, profile manager,...

  • Navigator (Find my car/hotel)

    Navigator (Find my car/hotel)




    Do you have a habit of forgetting where you parked your vehicle or where is your hotel located etc. If yes, then this app will help you in navigating to your location from your current location. How it works: When you park your vehicle, open this app and add the location by clicking "Add...

  • Encrypt (Secure) SMS

    Encrypt (Secure) SMS


    "Encrypt Messages" is simple and small app to encrypt your messages in inbox. This app provides double protection to your messages. Firstly this app is protected by password, so only those who knows the password can access this app and secondly the one-time "key" used to...

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