• Fireflies Live Wallpaper

    Fireflies Live Wallpaper




    Welcome to a Wonderland - If you download this “Fireflies Live Wallpaper”, you will go into the world of magic where you can enjoy watching “fireflies in fairy forest” every time you take a look at your smartphone! Have your own fairy tale: These ten beautiful “fireflies wallpapers and...

  • Romantic Live Wallpaper

    Romantic Live Wallpaper




    ❤ Love is in the air!❤ “Romantic Live Wallpaper” brings a romantic game of hearts, colors and glitters to your phone screen! Such a lovely wallpaper with hearts and “pink backgrounds for girls” is hard to find – it is waiting to fill you with love and romance! The given “love backgrounds and...

  • Purple Butterfly Wallpaper

    Purple Butterfly Wallpaper




    Download ✾ "Purple Butterfly Live Wallpaper" ✾ and decorate your phone with dozens of "beautiful butterflies"! This butterfly wallpaper that moves will ornament your mobile to the maximum! If you're searching for a cute and relaxing "lilac wallpaper" for your...

  • Pink Diamonds Live Wallpaper

    Pink Diamonds Live Wallpaper




    Shine bright like a diamond with brilliant Pink Diamonds Live Wallpaper shimmering on your screen background! If you are a lover of accessories, this enchanting “glitter live wallpaper” is a perfect phone accessory for you! Make your mobile a real beauty by simply installing this app for Android™...

  • Cars Jigsaw Puzzle

    Cars Jigsaw Puzzle




    Vehicle puzzles for children are always a good choice if you want to entertain your kid with a memory game – choose Cars Jigsaw Puzzle, a brand new car game for little boys, girls and toddlers that will really hold their attention for a long time! Ⓒ Ⓐ Ⓡ ⓟ There are five different car pictures;...

  • Love Jigsaw Puzzle

    Love Jigsaw Puzzle




    Are you ready for a "Love Jigsaw Puzzle"? People say that love is not love if it's not madness so get this amazing puzzles with pictures of love and you'll have so much fun! This new learning game will make you feel crazy in love by the time you blink ! Romantic red hearts and...

  • Romantic Jigsaw Puzzle

    Romantic Jigsaw Puzzle




    If you like to play love puzzles then you must obtain this free game for kids and adults called “Romantic Jigsaw Puzzle”! Click on free download, install this 2014 app, and make a break to sit back and relax with these romantic picture puzzles! Check out how fast can you solve these jigsaws -...

  • Hairstyles for School

    Hairstyles for School




    Get ready for school and make your hair look pretty in 5 minutes with “Hairstyles for School” app! Find out how to make cute and easy school hairstyles and look gorgeous every day! Watch video tutorials and learn how to create beautiful hairstyles yourself! Lots of tutorials on creating buns,...

  • Beer Live Wallpaper

    Beer Live Wallpaper




    Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder! Don't miss this unique opportunity to be the proud owner of Beer Live Wallpaper – the best collection of free beer images and juicy backgrounds! Imagine having a “beer glass” with you all the time - “beer wallpaper” can make that possible! Thick white...

  • White Butterfly Live Wallpaper

    White Butterfly Live Wallpaper




    It is time for the newest “butterfly adventure”! White Butterfly Live Wallpaper is here to beautify your phone or tablet with adorable “girly wallpapers” of these cute tiny insects! If you are searching for butterfly wallpapers that move, you are in the right place – a single “white butterfly”,...

  • Summer Live Wallpaper

    Summer Live Wallpaper




    Summer Live Wallpaper takes you to the most beautiful sandy beach with ten amazing pictures! Be enchanted by HD backgrounds of the deep blue sea and “beach pictures” filled with sunshine and happiness! Get this “summer wallpaper” completely free of charge and be the first one to enjoy the beauty...

  • Chocolate Live Wallpaper

    Chocolate Live Wallpaper




    Welcome to the “candy land” – the world of chocolate is here! Get a new “sweet home theme” Chocolate Live Wallpaper and your desktop background will look like a real “candy shop” with these beautiful pictures! Dark chocolate, Swiss choco blocks, white chocolate and other cocoa “candy sweets” make...

  • Designer Shoes Live Wallpaper

    Designer Shoes Live Wallpaper




    If you are a shoe lover, and you put fashion on top, this free Designer Shoes Live Wallpaper must find its place on your home screen! “High heel shoes”, sandals, boots and stilettos – we have picked only the best pairs for this “shoes wallpaper” that will make your phone look so fashionable and...

  • Paradise Live Wallpaper

    Paradise Live Wallpaper




    Paradise Live Wallpaper will take you to some of the most popular sandy beaches in the world! A collection of ten beautiful pictures will turn your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet into a real heaven on Earth! “Welcome to paradise”, where the sun is always shining on the blue sky, the sea is...

  • Pink Flowers Live Wallpaper

    Pink Flowers Live Wallpaper




    Pink Flowers Live Wallpaper brings you the freshness of spring in the shape of ten beautiful pictures of flowers in bloom! Beautiful pink silk flowers are shining under the sun on these cute backgrounds! Choose your favorite among the many types of flowers that this live application offers and...

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