• Sunshine Live Wallpaper

    Sunshine Live Wallpaper




    Galaxy S5 Sunshine Wallpaper brings ten sunny images of nature to your Galaxy phone or Samsung tablet! Discover beautiful landscapes bathed in sunlight with this lovely desktop background! Relax on a clearwater beach or travel to a deep forest where only a few sun rays light your way! Do you...

  • Nature Live Wallpaper

    Nature Live Wallpaper




    Galaxy S5 Nature HD Wallpapers brings you ten beautiful pictures of mother nature! Take a walk in the woods or relax on a sandy beach with these unique "Galaxy S5 wallpapers"! Feast your eyes on calming silver springs glistening under the sun or choose a peaceful “landscape wallpaper”...

  • Pink Live Wallpaper for Girls

    Pink Live Wallpaper for Girls




    Cute Pink Live Wallpaper for Girls is here to "pink your phone" – take these new and beautiful wallpapers for girls only totally free of charge, and find your favorite "pink phone theme design"! Various cute pictures such as a "pink butterfly live wallpaper",...

  • Zen Live Wallpaper

    Zen Live Wallpaper




    Galaxy S5 Zen Live Wallpaper is a new beautiful wallpaper for all the fans of sakura flowers and Japanese gardens of peace! Create your perfect oriental garden and decorate it with falling pink and "white flowers", a sakura tree, or simply choose a zen sand garden and enjoy the peace...

  • Vampires Live Wallpaper

    Vampires Live Wallpaper




    Do you like horror movies like Dracula or Vampire Kiss? Are you fascinated with vampire legends and myths? If your answer is yes, “Vampires Live Wallpaper” is the background image that you are looking for your Android™! It has the collection of most beautiful wallpapers inspired with Vampire...

  • Romantic Live Wallpaper

    Romantic Live Wallpaper




    ❤ Love is in the air!❤ “Romantic Live Wallpaper” brings a romantic game of hearts, colors and glitters to your phone screen! Such a lovely wallpaper with hearts and “pink backgrounds for girls” is hard to find – it is waiting to fill you with love and romance! The given “love backgrounds and...

  • Sea Fish Live Wallpaper

    Sea Fish Live Wallpaper




    Feast your eyes on underwater coral scene depicting sea stars, sea shells, jellyfish, clown fish, sea urchins, seaweed and many types of “tropical fish” without diving under the sea – all you have to do is to download for free Sea Fish Live Wallpaper and your mobile screen will reflect a “deep...

  • Horses Live Wallpaper

    Horses Live Wallpaper




    ♞♞♞Horses Live Wallpaper features ten beautiful "pictures of horses" running wild and free that will amaze you and give you strength to walk proudly through your life! These noble animals will inspire you and raise your spirits! Simply get these “animal wallpapers for free” and you will...

  • Insta Photo Collage Maker

    Insta Photo Collage Maker




    Picture collage mania has come to your phone! Photo editing has never been more fun! This amazing pic decorator will make you modify and customize your favorite pics into beautiful collages! Download ☻Insta Photo Collage Maker☻and let's create amazing photoart! ☻☻☻Features: Easy to use...

  • Purple Butterfly Wallpaper

    Purple Butterfly Wallpaper




    Download ✾ "Purple Butterfly Live Wallpaper" ✾ and decorate your phone with dozens of "beautiful butterflies"! This butterfly wallpaper that moves will ornament your mobile to the maximum! If you're searching for a cute and relaxing "lilac wallpaper" for your...

  • Purple Hearts Live Wallpaper

    Purple Hearts Live Wallpaper




    Beautify your phone with “Purple Hearts Live Wallpaper”! Get this “love live wallpaper 2014” for Android™ and enjoy watching pretty “purple hearts” floating all over your “purple background”! You will be delighted with cute hearts image full HD on your desktop! This love background will make your...

  • Lucky Stars Live Wallpaper

    Lucky Stars Live Wallpaper




    Twinkle, twinkle little star! Lucky Stars Live Wallpaper brings you stars and constellations as screen adornments with free download! It is the most amazing "star wallpaper" on the market that will turn your dekstop background into a "starry sky" – take one look at it and...

  • Pink Diamonds Live Wallpaper

    Pink Diamonds Live Wallpaper




    Shine bright like a diamond with brilliant Pink Diamonds Live Wallpaper shimmering on your screen background! If you are a lover of accessories, this enchanting “glitter live wallpaper” is a perfect phone accessory for you! Make your mobile a real beauty by simply installing this app for Android™...

  • Weed HD Wallpaper

    Weed HD Wallpaper




    Get high with this amazing free “Weed HD Wallpaper” - just don't worry and be happy! Our selection of only the best “marijuana images” will get you stoned in a sec because we have carefully picked them for your enjoyment only! Just download this “cannabis wallpaper” and the green leaves...

  • Cars Jigsaw Puzzle

    Cars Jigsaw Puzzle




    Vehicle puzzles for children are always a good choice if you want to entertain your kid with a memory game – choose Cars Jigsaw Puzzle, a brand new car game for little boys, girls and toddlers that will really hold their attention for a long time! Ⓒ Ⓐ Ⓡ ⓟ There are five different car pictures;...

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