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Common Weeds of Yard & Garden

This app is designed to help identify the 50 most common weeds in the home landscape. The 50 weeds are listed in alphabetical order by scientific family names, and within families by scientific generic and specific names. Each weed listings contains full color photos and a description about the weed including location and occurrence. A PDF versio…

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Gardener's Almanac

The timing of tasks to be done in the landscape and garden depends on the types of plants grown, their uses and seasonal changes. Turfgrass, the most common denominator in the landscape, is grown for outdoor play and recreation, while the various trees and shrubs add shade, privacy and aesthetic value. Fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the garde…

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Download Grow Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs Grow Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs icon
Grow Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs

This app describes the conditions, factors, and soil qualities needed to successfully plant, grow, and harvest fruits, vegetables, and herbs in Utah home gardens. With entries written by experts from Utah State University's Extension programs, this app is sure to help anyone looking to cultivate successful home gardens.

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Protein Supplement Calculator

The Protein Supplement Calculator is designed to assist producers in making economical and nutritionally sound decisions with regard to the protein intake of their cows. The app allows the user to balance a simple two-ingredient ration of protein by comparing the cost per unit of two feed supplements. Depending on the time of year, the user will d…

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