Use the Triforce, Luke

  • Heart Container Battery Meter




    This started as a Zelda like battery meter widget, but has since grown into much more. This app will display your remaining battery life in the form of a health bar on your homescreen or lockscreen. This widget includes many different styles of life meters to choose from such as the classic 8-bit...

  • Gallifreyan Clock




    Gallifreyan Clock is a Doctor Who-like analog clock widget. Fans of the BBC show Doctor Who, or or Whovians, will notice the symbols look similar to the language of Gallifrey. This widget needs to be added to your homescreen and can be sized to your liking on most Android devices. Once this...

  • Twenty-Sided Die Battery Meter




    D20 Battery Meter Widget is a 1x1 widget that displays your battery percentage on a 20-sided die. Fans of role-playing games(RPGs) or tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons(D&D), White Wolf, and many others will love this widget. Roll some 20-sided dice! Tapping the widget opens...

  • Animated TARDIS Widget




    Fans, or Whovians, of the BBC show Doctor Who will recognize this immediately. This is a widget in the shape of The Doctor's Type 40 TARDIS, or Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Once this widget is added to a home screen, tapping it will activate a short animation of the TARDIS...

  • More Icons ADW/Nova/Apex/CL




    More Icons is a customizable icon pack for Circle Launcher, ADW Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Apex Launcher. This icon pack allows you to choose from many different icon colors as well as hundreds of icon symbols. You won't find another icon pack that allows this much control. This is the...

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