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  • Memory Puzzle




    Keep Memory Puzzle Keep us smart and sharp, while we are having great fun! The Memory Puzzle is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which together can form various shapes. The objective is to form a specific shape (based on background outline) using all seven...

  • Simple Diary




    Simple Diary is the easy operation tool for every one.Simple Diary can be used to write every plan in your life.Make life is easy to control.Simple Diary is a one-click-app to log your business trips for later accounting.You can use Simple Diary to write down what time you start to work and...

  • Four In Line




    Play Funny 4inline against a friend or the challenging CPU player. Connect four pieces before your opponent does. Game features - 7 difficulty levels - One and two player mode - Switch levels while you play - Unlimited Undos - High res graphics (perfect for tablets like the Galaxy Tab or...

  • Say I love you




    Do you know how to say I love you with different counrries languages ? How many languages can you say ? If less than five languages , you are out of date now . Say I Love You is a App which teach you how to say I love you with different countiries languages . It collected different countries...

  • S-Compass and Leveler




    S-Compass and Leveler will help you determine the direction. You can use it for all your outdoor activities whether you are flying, sailing, travelling or camping. It comes with several different cool themes for compass like Jack Sparrow theme, Spongebob theme etc. S-Compass and Leveler is a...

  • Christmas Match




    Christmas Match : It is designed the lovely Christmas elements in the card. Not only attract children to train of memory , but also suitable for adults who always forget anything . It is completely free of charge. Find the pairs ! It is a fun universal application in witch you need to find the...

  • Locale Setting




    Locale Setting is a controlling content area with selectors . If you want to change other languages by th mobile phone or your mobile phone hasn't the language selection , you could use this App as mobile phone language system . You can set the language system quickly , the mobile desktop and...

  • Uninstall Tool




    Uninstall Tool is a app that can help you uninstall the app.You can easy and quick to uninstall the app from your phone.uninstall the useless app can make you phone fast.You can search tha app and make a list by name, size ,date,then you can find out the app you want to uninstall.When you remove...

  • loosen Hearts




    Classic loosen Hearts. Find a way to untangle tangled net. Move net Hearts to Hearts where no lines will cross. Check how many levels this game has! Simple design, fast and reliable. Easy to use but challenging and addicting. Note: if you zoom unintended, try to disable "pitch zoom"...

  • Black White Chess




    Black White Chess,8x8 chessboard game in the center position, the relationship was first placed on the corner of two pieces of different colors, and then began to turn Now, the word caught in the middle of the piece are his own pieces, and finally filled all the board or both do not eat midnight...

  • Funny Tictactoe




    Tic-tac-toe, mainland, Taiwan is also called the jingziqi, ooxx; also called OX chess game, well, Hongkong called tic-tac-toe, tic-tac-toe, is a pencil and paper game. The two game player, a circle ( O ), a cross ( X ), turns up in 3 by 3 grid to play their own symbols, the first to cross,...

  • Constellation Love




    Constellation Love tries to give you a chance on love compatibility of 2 persons. In most cases the results will match the real situation quite accurately. Therefore, if you want to jump into a relationship or check the existing one, use this Love Test to see what might happen. The results given...

  • LED Shower




    LED Shower is a simple App that makes your android look like a LED display,you can change the back color ,the theme(color of the led),the size of dots and speed. It works better is dark,have a nice day!

  • Simple lighing




    Simple lighing.Have you experienced without lighting when you are camping ? Or you couldn ' t find the flashlight when electricity blackout . It doesn ' t matter , there is a App which is making in lighting program . You can use Simple lighing as a lighting tool , because Simple lighing...

  • Best Backup




    Best Backup is a powerfull app that can backup and restore all the apps on your phone and the something others. Use this Best Backup,you can backup your sms、mms、bookmarks、Call Log、system setting、alarms、apn and application.Best Backup works very fast ,you just need to tap some button ,then it will...

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