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  • Chaos Store

    Chaos Store




    Farelenn is a storekeeper who sells many types of goods to the whole village. He’s not sure exactly how much stock he has right now and needs help organising the goods according to their type and amount. This game requires your subtraction skill to rearrange items to the cabinet. Play the game...

  • Pearl Voyage

    Pearl Voyage




    Gaston is a pearl collector who uses the Diver Machine 2.0 to collect rare pearls. Although the machine is completely safe to use, there are hungry mermen in the ocean that must be scared away. Gaston wants you to use your multiplication skills to complete this task – it will be an adventure you...

  • Mailbox Mania

    Mailbox Mania




    Emma the innkeeper is a busy woman. She keeps all her neighbours’ mail, but in order to pass the letters to their respective owners, Emma must identify the number of each mailbox. This game will test your addition, subtraction and multiplication skill in order to find mail within unnumbered...

  • Rock N Boom

    Rock N Boom




    Moldoff is an experienced miner who is well-known for his expertise in detonating rocks. However, a small earthquake has caused rocks to collapse and block the cave path. He needs your help to calculate the right amount of firepower that's needed to detonate the rocks. By clearing the path...

  • Pitty Lost Kitty

    Pitty Lost Kitty




    A bilingual puzzle game for children between 5 to 7 years old. Objective to improve English as the second language. Contain five different puzzles need to be solved to help Pitty the kitten find her way back home.

  • M-Math Story

    M-Math Story




    M-Math Story is a trilingual (English, Malay, Chinese) mathematics mobile-learning application which involves the mathematical operation of count, addition and subtraction. It is aim for preschool children of age 4-6. Math Story features video tutorial and exercises in a story-based scenario to...

  • EinScience 4+ Beta

    EinScience 4+ Beta




    An interactive and funny app helping kids at age 4+ to learn science. Your children will surely love it! (Flash player is required)

  • Animal Idioms

    Animal Idioms




    Animal Idioms is an educational game designed for primary school students to learn English idioms. For each idiom, hint (the defintion of the idiom) are provided to help the students in answering. User must be able to achieve a targeted score within a specific time in order to proceed to the next...

  • Comic Maths

    Comic Maths




    Comic Maths is mobile games which aimed to help kids to learn mathematics in an interesting and fun way. It is focused on addition and substraction operation that makes it suitable for primary students. Fun interaction, easily understand rules of game, fun comics and storyline, colorful...

  • Chase Me

    Chase Me




    Chase Me is mobile games which aimed to help kids to learn mathematics in an interesting and fun way. It is focused on multiplication and division operation. Fun interaction, easily understand rules of game, colorful background and sound effects give kids an unforgettable learning experience.

  • Spell It!!

    Spell It!!




    Spell It!! is a mobile game for learning basic English for 5 to 7 years old children with the observation of teachers or parents. It is focused on Self Kingdom and Life Kingdom using flashcard. Features: * Based on very common subject for teaching children especially for the introduction of...

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