Value Apps

  • Santa Tracker - 2014




    Watch Santa on the map, track him down using our satellite system. An amazing 3D space environment and we track down Santa's location on the map. Features include * Find Santa on Map * Countdown to Christmas * A beautiful Christmas tree * Stunning 3D graphics * Beautiful background meausic...

  • Christmas Wallpapers 2014




    A great set of Christmas and new year related wallpapers for all your Android phones and tablets. Just select the wallpaper and you've got a nice looking background on your home screen. Enjoy!

  • Rajab al Mrajjab - رجب المرجب




    Month or Rajab and it's blessings, this app lists the introduction, details, history and events in this month and details about the event of Mairaj. The app is totally in Urdu language. Read through to learn.

  • Ramzan Mubarak - رمضان مبارک




    All in one app for Ramazan with: ٭ Sehri and Aftari time calculator ٭ Namaz Time calculator ٭ A lot of information about Ramzan ٭ Ahadees about Ramzan ٭ Ayaat about Ramzan ٭ Historical references about Ramazan and more رمضان کے لۓ ایک مکمل ایپ ۔ سحر و افطار کے اوقات ۔ نماز کے اوقات ۔ رمضان کے...

  • Aaj Kya Pakaen-آج کیا پکا‍‌ءیں




    What are you cooking today? Let this app decide for you. The app suggests a new food item to be cooked or eaten. Don't like the suggestion? Keep trying till you find what you were looking for. Once you've decided what you're cooking, go through the recipes in Urdu or English and...

  • Container Run




    Mr. Khan is ready to go to Islamabad. He has his goal set, tank filled, companions ready, vision clear and confidence high. Only thing standing between him and his goal is the evil powers from the transportation world, they call them "Containers". M2 has almost no traffic due to the...

  • Parcham - پرچم - Pakistan




    This 14th August, celebrate independence day of Pakistan in style. * Get a gorgeous animated Pakistani flag on your phone, * Play Pakistani national anthem Be a proud Pakistani this 14th August!

  • Al-Fatiha




    A great way to carry Surah Al Fatiha with you. Surah Al Fatiha, the first chapter of the Holy Quran. Great Arabic text with colorful border, recitation of the surah by Imam-e-Kaaba, Masjid-e-Haraam, Makkah, Saudia Arabia. You can also read the English translation and listen to the audio playback.

  • Speedometer




    Android users rejoice. Your phone is now a fully functional analog/digital speedometer. At the same time the app is also a speed alarm to save you from speeding tickets. Speedometer Features This app is a GPS Speedometer for your smartphone. The features include: * Analog and digital...

  • Ramadan Timing




    This app is about timings in Ramadan (Ramzan, Ramzan) for starting and breaking the Fast (Saum, Roza) both during the month of Ramadan and throughout the year. This app calculates timings for starting and breaking your fast. Ramadan, Islamic month of blessings and fasting, requires all Muslims...

  • Refuel Racing




    Race through city traffic with an eye on your fuel and car health. This urban racing game keeps you on your toes. Drive through the general traffic on the road and drive as far as you can to score the most points. The game puts you behind the steering wheel of this sizzling red sports car...

  • Shaukat Khanum Mobile App




    Official app for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. The app brings you the information, news and events related to Shaukat Khanum Memorial. You can access lab reports and the app also gives you several options on how to donate for the hospital. Shaukat Khanum...

  • Santa Defends




    The Evil Claw has a nasty plan as always. This Christmas, he will disguise as Santa and will delivery toxic materials in gift boxes to children earning a bad name to Santa. Luckily, Santa comes to know in advance and he's ready to save these children with your help and with the help of a...

  • Christmas Greetings 2013




    Christmas is around the corner and this app brings you a number of greeting cards, designed and hand picked for your mood and to make sure you always have a few cards to send out to your family, friends, loved ones and special ones. Send our greeting cards on this Christmas and spread smiles....

  • Al Ikhlas




    Surah Al Ikhlas from Holy Quran. The app features the text from Surah-al-Ikhlas, Surah number 112 from Holy Quran with recitation from Imam Masjid-al-Haram Makkah, Saudia. Keyworrds: Islamic app, Quran, Koran, Tilawat, Ikhlas, Qul,

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