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  • 말해봐, 뽀로로! (한글)

    말해봐, 뽀로로! (한글)




    ★ 무료 물고기 증정 이벤트 ★ '말해봐, 뽀로로!'를 설치하는 모든 분들께 무료 물고기 150마리를 증정합니다. 또, 매일 뽀로로를 방문하시면 물고기 40마리씩 추가로 드려요!! (기본 25마리 + 출시 기념 보너스 15마리!) ★뽀로로와 함께 즐거운 하루를 보내세요★ 뽀로로에게 말을 걸거나 만져보세요! 뽀로로가 말을 따라하거나 재미있는 동작을 합니다. 뽀로로와 전화통화를 해보세요! 뽀로로와 즐거운 대화를 나눌 수 있습니다. 뽀로로의 활기찬 하루를 살펴보세요! 아이들에게 꼭 필요한 생활습관을 잘 익힐 수...

  • Talking Pororo (English)

    Talking Pororo (English)




    ★ Limited-time Free Fish Event! ★ Simply by installing Talking Pororo, you will receive 150 fish absolutely for FREE! Each day you revisit Pororo, you will be given 40 fish for FREE! (originally 25 fish) Meet Pororo the Little Penguin, the most adorable, fun-loving penguin in the app store! Play...

  • Earwax Fantasy -Wax On Wax Off

    Earwax Fantasy -Wax On Wax Off




    ◇◆ Look, Ma! The largest earwax ever! ◆◇ A smash hit ear-picking game from Japan finally comes to the West! 3 million downloads can't be wrong! Come and join now in the most pickiest adventure of finding the weirdest treasures… fresh from your ear canal! Meet the World's first...

  • D-Day Normandy

    D-Day Normandy




    Survive the diabolic battlefield! A modern remake of classic arcade shooter action that puts you right in the middle of the infamous battlefield on the coast of Normandy. Awake your rage hidden underneath! And Survive! Features: - Classic shooter action with modern touch controls - Fascinating...

  • Gelato Mania

    Gelato Mania




    #1 Puzzle Game in USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy, Brazil, and more! Like it? Stuck & need help? Are you an ice cream nut? Then watch yourself not to drool, as we present you the perfect ice cream deco puzzle that will drive you nuts. This is the...

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