VectraSoft [VectraCom Software]

  • Warid Stock Exchange

    Warid Stock Exchange




    Warid introduces one of the most comprehensive Stock Exchange applications in Pakistan. This app gives you the tools to follow Pakistan’s stock exchanges, KSE, LSE & ISE. Keep tabs on Pakistan’s economy on an elegant and exhaustive GUI and keep yourself assured of staying on top of stock...

  • Warid-Hadiya-tul-Islam





    Hadeeya Tul Islam is a combination of different apps packaged together for users to provide them a peaceful ease of performing Islamic obligations anywhere anytime through their smart gadgets. The features it offers are: Ø Ambia Prayers Ø Masnoon Prayers Ø Prayer Timings Ø Qibla Compass Ø Tasbeeh...

  • Qibla Compass

    Qibla Compass




    How to use: Swing the device in such a way that it makes 8 in the air or shake the device to rearrange the system for searching qibla. Accuracy of the device is needed every time device is turned on for the use of Qibla application. Precautions: Keep the device away from metal items while...

  • Pregnancy Calendar

    Pregnancy Calendar




    This application is a complete guide during pregnancy. It is developed in English and Arabic.

  • Mosquito Killer

    Mosquito Killer




    Hunting game. Kill the mosquitoes using the tap of your finger before they vanish from the screen. Kill the mosquitoes in minimum time and get the bonus.

  • Click for Pair

    Click for Pair




    Just like the classic casino slot machines, with your click the 3-reel slot spins and points are awarded if the pattern matches.

  • Hadeeya-tul-Islam





    Hadee’ya-tul-Islam gives Muslims a peace of mind by keeping them near to Allah and the sacred verses. The apps being contained in this gift pack show you the authentic direction of Qibla whenever and wherever you need to know and also consist of clear voice recitation of sacred verses quoted by...

  • Whistle Blower

    Whistle Blower


    This application will cater all the public issues happening on the road, a strong integration is done with Google maps. User will install this application register himself, and then raise his voice(sends a request). Suppose user has seen some problem on road, say for example an accident, he is...

  • MMS GAZE (MMS Shaped SMS)

    MMS GAZE (MMS Shaped SMS)




    MMS Gaze is an upgrade to your boring old sms which gives you sms & much more.Now you can send your MMS as normal SMS through MMS Gaze. It’s an app through which you can compose your messages in a nice manner using advanced tools and send them as a simple SMS message along with visuals,...

  • eSec Password Manager

    eSec Password Manager




    eSec Password Manager assist in securing all essential information of the user relates to Bank Accounts, Websites, Memberships, Licenses, Passport which helps the users to accumulate their respective information to re-utilize it when needed. The intention is to provide ease to the user from...

  • What To B Done

    What To B Done




    Note down your tasks for a week or more, mark it in the calendar to remain updated about the appointments, assignments and task coming ahead. For best utilization and your convenience you can manage the task yearly, Semiannually, quarterly. Monthly, weekly, daily and hourly.

  • My Contacts

    My Contacts




    Enter into MC by login or sign up. For first time users proceeding to sign up, a registration screen will appear. After login, a screen will appear showing 3 option of ME, synchronize and View. Me will contain the personal profile. User can synchronize the contact by editing, adding or deleting...

  • Poke Moles

    Poke Moles




    Tap the moles using your finger when they appeared out from the hole. Hit them more to score more.

  • Sequencer





    Memory play logic game. Keep the sequence of image in your mind and present it when asked, by selecting the image in the same order they were displayed.

  • ChromeTris





    Flip and rotate the falling shape in a manner to arrange them tightly into the raw so it must fill the gap. Raw will vanish if there will be no gap left in between, leaving the score points. Assemble the shapes fast to score more and win.

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