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Download Qibla Compass Qibla Compass icon
Qibla Compass

How to use: Swing the device in such a way that it makes 8 in the air or shake the device to rearrange the system for searching qibla. Accuracy of the device is needed every time device is turned on for the use of Qibla application. Precautions: Keep the device away from metal items while its functional for Qibla direction because it will gen…

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Download Hajj Guide Hajj Guide icon
Hajj Guide

The Hajj Guide Application provides comprehensive information related to Hajj in one compact package!... It’s easy to navigate "one page fit" interface provides a step-by-step description of all Hajj related matters and takes away the agony of flipping through various pages to get you through directly to the information that you really wa…

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Download Pregnancy Calendar Pregnancy Calendar icon
Pregnancy Calendar

This application is a complete guide during pregnancy. It is developed in English and Arabic.

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Download Mosquito Killer Mosquito Killer icon
Mosquito Killer

Hunting game. Kill the mosquitoes using the tap of your finger before they vanish from the screen. Kill the mosquitoes in minimum time and get the bonus.

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Download Warid Stock Exchange Warid Stock Exchange icon
Warid Stock Exchange

Warid introduces one of the most comprehensive Stock Exchange applications in Pakistan. This app gives you the tools to follow Pakistan’s stock exchanges, KSE, LSE & ISE. Keep tabs on Pakistan’s economy on an elegant and exhaustive GUI and keep yourself assured of staying on top of stock movement as it happens. Features: 1. You can add an un…

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Download MMS GAZE (MMS Shaped SMS) MMS GAZE (MMS Shaped SMS) icon

MMS Gaze is an upgrade to your boring old sms which gives you sms & much more.Now you can send your MMS as normal SMS through MMS Gaze. It’s an app through which you can compose your messages in a nice manner using advanced tools and send them as a simple SMS message along with visuals, templates, audio etc. It provides interest relevant cont…

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Download Drops Metallica Drops Metallica icon
Drops Metallica

Click and drop down the metallic disc of the color showing in the panel. Do it fast because time is running out.

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Download Warid-Hadiya-tul-Islam Warid-Hadiya-tul-Islam icon

Hadeeya Tul Islam is a combination of different apps packaged together for users to provide them a peaceful ease of performing Islamic obligations anywhere anytime through their smart gadgets. The features it offers are: Ø Ambia Prayers Ø Masnoon Prayers Ø Prayer Timings Ø Qibla Compass Ø Tasbeeh Counter Ø Crystal Vocal Recitation

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Download My Contacts My Contacts icon
My Contacts

Enter into MC by login or sign up. For first time users proceeding to sign up, a registration screen will appear. After login, a screen will appear showing 3 option of ME, synchronize and View. Me will contain the personal profile. User can synchronize the contact by editing, adding or deleting the contact. User can view all the contacts by tapping…

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