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  • Caty Food

    Caty Food




    Handle the movement of snakes using arrow keys. Direct him using the tap of your finger. snake will automatically expend the length. Score maximum by Eating as much fruits as you can in minimum time without hitting the tail.

  • Tic & Cross

    Tic & Cross




    Two player game. Click any square out of 9 squares with your finger to place your symbol mark on it. Create a sequence of 3 symbols consecutively either vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The one who accomplish the task first will win.

  • Drops Metallica

    Drops Metallica




    Click and drop down the metallic disc of the color showing in the panel. Do it fast because time is running out.

  • Quest





    In a puzzle comprising of different faces, with the touch of your finger move the faces left, right, up or down to form a pattern of three similar faces. You can only swap them if the swap will put one of them into a line of three or more. Completing a pattern of faces in a row or column will...

  • Matching





    Puzzle Game

  • Hajj Guide

    Hajj Guide




    The Hajj Guide Application provides comprehensive information related to Hajj in one compact package!... It’s easy to navigate "one page fit" interface provides a step-by-step description of all Hajj related matters and takes away the agony of flipping through various pages to get you...

  • Prophet's Prayers

    Prophet's Prayers




    This application is a collection of Prophet's Prayers.

  • Anbia Prayers

    Anbia Prayers




    This application is a good collection of Anbia Prayers.

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