• FreeVideo Downloader

    FreeVideo Downloader




    FreeVideo Downloader - a simple application that helps you to download videos and play videos by several The most popular sites on the web. You can play and download videos via internet. This application is very easy to use, You just enter a keyword into the search box and then you can download...

  • Android Translator Language

    Android Translator Language




    Android Translator Language - This app can help you to translate all foreign languages. Android Translator Language is very easy to use and fast in translating any languages, according to your wishes. Android Translator Language is also comes with voice translator to help you better understand...

  • Free Music Download

    Free Music Download




    FreeMusic MP3 Download - Smart app that's very useful for you to play and download any songs into your Android device. The concept is simple, you just need to type the singer's name or songs' title to find any songs you want to play or download. With Free Music MP3 Download, you can...

  • Smart Games for Kids

    Smart Games for Kids




    SMART KIDS GAMES ================= Image guessing game simple for kids. The game that test a child's ability to recognize an image, and choose the right answer. This game can increase children's knowledge about the objects that exist in this game. There are 7 options to choose from a...

  • Find the Differences

    Find the Differences




    FIND THE DIFFERENCES Games that test the ability of observing two images are almost the same, but there is a difference in picture 5. That an enemy is time. HOW TO PLAY: -Find 5 differences in the 2 images available. -Before the time runs out you have to find the difference. -Hint feature /...

  • MP3 Music Download

    MP3 Music Download




    MP3 finder for android is a music search application that is very easy to use. Download your music for free, just by pressing the "SEARCH" button and write the title or artist that you look for. MP3 finder application for android, can search and download MP3 files from public search...

  • Tuntunan Sholat Sunnah

    Tuntunan Sholat Sunnah




    TUNTUNAN SHOLAT SUNNAH ====================== Tuntunan Sholat Sunnah adalah aplikasi yang memberikan kita tuntunan dan tata cara sholat sunnat lengkap untuk android yang bisa didownload secara gratis melalui google play store dan bisa digunakan tanpa harus terkoneksi dengan internet alias...

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