• VetPro em Português




    VetPro traz para você 5 aplicações em 1, em português. A primeira aplicação é um gerenciador de informações dos pacientes e do cliente. A segunda aplicação é o acesso ao Google Calendar. Adicione compromissos com seus clientes que irá sincronizar com o calendário do dispositivo android /...

  • Vet Calculators Veterinary




    Vet Calculators presents 15 calculators for use in the small animal practice. Fluidtherapy replacement Fluidtherapy maintenance Drip Rate Pre Anesthesia calculator Induction Calculator Canine Emergency Drugs Feline Emergengy Drugs Blood Transfusion Calculator Constant Rate Infusion CRI Syring...

  • Vet Anesthesia Guide




    Vet Anesthesia Guide give you information about anesthetic drugs, pre medications, pre medications protocols, induction protocols, Constant Rate Infusions (CRI) examples, information about monitoring patients, for dogs and cats. Patients manager, Anesthesia Record Form and Calculators added in...

  • Vet - Guia de Exames


    Vet - Guia de Exames Aplicativo voltado para Médicos Veterinários. O aplicativo conta com informações sobre valores de referência, descrição de exames e diagnóstico diferencial. Hematologia: hematócrito glóbulos vermelhos hemoglobina MCV - Volume Corpuscular Médio MCH - hemoglobina...

  • Vet Medicamentos




    Veterinary Therapeutic Guide in Portuguese

  • Vet Cardilogy


    Vet Cardiology More than 60 cardiac diseases and conditions in small animal veterinary ( dogs and cats). Congenital: Atrial Septal Defect Double Aortic Arch Patent Ductus Arteriosus Persistent Right Aortic Arch Tetralogy of Fallot Ventricular Septal Defect Valve Diseases: Aortic Stenosis...

  • VetPro




    VetPro brings to you 5 applications in 1. The first application is a patient and client information manager. The second application is access to Google Calendar. Add appointments with your clients that will sync with your android device calendar/agenda. The third is a veterinary therapeutic...

  • Vet Blood Tests Guide


    Vet - Blood Tests Guide Reference values and diferencial diagnosis for bloos tests used in the small animal veterinary. Hematology: Hematocrit Red Blood Cells Hemoglobin MCV - Mean Corpuscular Volume MCH - Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin MCHC - Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration...

  • Clients & Appointments




    If you have clients,regardless of your job, then this is the perfect app for you! Keep your client contacts separate from your personal contacts with this easy to use, multifunctional app. Have all your clients info right at your fingertips, you can add as many information you want and you will...

  • Vet Drugs Veterinary




    Now for Android! More than 600 drugs for veterinary use with indications, precautions, dosing information, other names and dosage for dogs and cats.Your best friend in the small animal practice! You can configure the search in your home screen and search the app direct from there. For...

  • Vet Blood Transfusion Guide




    Guide for Blood Transfusion in dogs and cats. General: Introduction, Concept, Selection of donors, Blood Groups, Compatibility Tests and Collection Blood Products: Whole Blood, Canine Packed RBC, Feline Packed RBC, Platelet concentrate and Frozen Plasma. Transfusion Reactions: Introduction,...

  • Drug Labels




    Search the internet in the best font for drug labels, the site DailyMed, site from the National Library of Medicine of the US government. NLM Copyright Information Government information at NLM Web sites is in the public domain. Public domain information may be freely distributed and copied,...

  • Ask a Vet


    Ask a real veterinarian your pets (dogs and cats) medical questions! This app allows you to ask as many questions as you need without paying any additional fees. After your first question is sent and your payment is confirmed by Android Market, we will happily answer your question. Feel free...

  • Veterinary Homemade Diet


    Veterinary Homemade Diet is a veterinary nutritional guide for dogs and cats. Contains information about nutrients,food and recipes to make specialized veterinary diets such as: HIGH DIGESTIBILITY DIET FOR DOGS DIET WITH LOW LEVELS OF PROTEIN AND PHOSPHORUS FOR DOGS DIET WITH ULTRA LOW...

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