VidaOne, Inc

  • mHere




    mHere (pronounced I'm here) is a new mobile app to follow your friends on a map. By using mHere, you can see where your friends are and they can see where you are, all in real-time, using your phone GPS. It's ideal to follow family members, friends or co-workers who are traveling,...

  • VidaOne Lifestyle Lite




    VidaOne Lifestyle is the most complete all-in-one app to track your diet, fitness and health, whether you are managing your weight, exercising regularly or tracking a medical condition. ABOUT THE LITE VERSION: the Lite version allows you to get a feel for the app. You can enter all your meals,...

  • MySportTraining




    PRICE DROP: ONLY 99 CENTS! WE RECOMMEND YOU TO TAKE A LOOK AT VIDAONE LIFESTYLE OR VIDAONE LIFESTYLE PRO FOR MORE FEATURES! The most comprehensive fitness software is available for your Android phone with a complete set of features to track every detail of your gym workouts, indoor cardio and...

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