• VidyoMobile




    VidyoMobile requires a Vidyo account through your enterprise or third party Vidyo service provider. This version of VidyoMobile delivers up to full HD business grade point-to-point and multipoint video conferencing to your Android smartphone or tablet device when connected to your enterprise or...

  • VidyoSlate 1.0 (194)




    With VidyoSlate, your Android tablet becomes the ideal second screen in a Vidyo conference, putting content collaboration at your fingertips. VidyoSlate lets you view and annotate the content shared by any conference participant, share content directly from your tablet into the conference, and...

  • VidyoRemote




    The VidyoRemote application delivers pre-conference and in-conference control features for VidyoPanorama™ 600, and VidyoRoom™ systems. The VidyoRemote application offers the usability benefits of a touch screen control interface, with no need to purchase a dedicated controller. VidyoRemote for...

  • VidyoWay




    VidyoWay is a free cloud-based business-to-business video inter-connectivity service which seamlessly connects legacy H.323 and SIP based video conferencing systems with Microsoft Lync clients and VidyoConferencing systems. The VidyoWay mobile app enables employees of enterprises without any of...

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