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Vikas Shah

  • Anesthesiologist





    Anesthesiologist is designed to help quickly calculate adult and pediatric anesthesia related information. Useful for anesthesiologists, CRNA, ER and critical care physicians, as well as medical students, residents, and fellows. Drug dosing and airway management information is calculated on the...

  • Opioid Converter

    Opioid Converter




    Now you can make the app adfree! Purchase "Anesthesiologist Adfree" which will remove ads from both Anesthesiologist and Opioid Converter. This application is designed to aid with opioid dose conversions. Useful for the transitioning patients from IV to oral pain regimens (for...

  • Anesthesia Case Log

    Anesthesia Case Log




    Case logging application for anesthesiologists. * Enter data about your upcoming patients * Track anesthesia start and stop times and ASA status * Track procedures done (central lines, arterial lines, Swan, TEE) * Click and hold to transfer data to Anesthesiologist application for drug and...

  • QwikSMS AutoResponder Deluxe

    QwikSMS AutoResponder Deluxe




    This app allows you to set your phone to automatically respond to incoming SMS / text messages or phone calls with a text message. Features: * The app will only send a single reply to any given contact no matter how many times they text or call you. * You can personalize the response by...

  • Anesthesiologist Adfree

    Anesthesiologist Adfree




    Removes ads from Anesthesiologist and Anesthesia Case Log. Original free apps must remain installed; this app provides keys which Anesthesiologist and Anesthesia Case Log detect, which disables the ads. Thanks for your support!

  • QwikSMS AutoResponder

    QwikSMS AutoResponder




    The DELUXE version is now FREE. Check it out for many more features! Easily set up an automatic response to texts/SMS in the background. Set text of response by voice/speech. Good at the movies, gym, driving, in meetings, on dates, etc. Check out the donate version for a ton more features!...

  • QwikList Voice Free

    QwikList Voice Free




    This app is a home screen app widget that is designed for make lists for shopping, tasks, reminders, and write short notes. The home screen widget allows easily adding items using the built in voice recognition on Android phone, which converts speech to text. There are also features for...

  • Qwik GCal Add

    Qwik GCal Add




    This app lets you rapidly "quick add" to your Google Calendar. For example, "dinner with mary tomorrow 7 to 9pm". This app requires your Google login. The pw is encrypted and stored on your phone. The app does NOT use your information for any other purpose. See also...

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