Vilius Kraujutis

  • Flower Reminder




    Get notification about flower shops you are passing by. We'll remind you once per two weeks. Surprise your lady! #happywifehappylife

  • Screen Size and Density




    Shows your device screen density and size in pixels. ScreenSize application allows you to see screen size, resolution, density, current font scale and other device information. Also you will see heights of status bar, action bar or navigation bar if you have on screen navigation buttons. You...

  • Most used apps widget




    Sorts your favorite apps. Most launched apps will appear on top. Counts all app starts when launched via this app or via home screen widget. No need to add/remove shortcuts manually. It will be done automatically. Home screen widget is available only for new Android devices and sometimes is...

  • Internal Broadcasts Monitor




    A Free Open Source tool for Android developers/power-users. This tool will display and show notification about broadcasts happening in Android System. Full list of all captured actions:...

  • GCM4Public DEMO open source




    GCM4Public open-source GCM service The event During the +GDG Vilnius event Hackathon: Google Cloud Messaging for Android, this open source project was created: The server The Demo Android application using this GCM4Public service is open...

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