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Pharma News

This app provides real time and breaking news on the pharmaceutical industry from primary news sources around the world such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Drug Discovery & Development, FiercePharma, Crains, Business Week, and many more. News coverage includes all pharma brands, with specific buttons to just search the top drug makers such as Pfizer…

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Airline News

Breaking news on the airline industry from the best sources available. Get the news you need with the tap of your finger on Airlines, recent accidents (large and small), airport news, and news on the latest jets like the Boeing 787 and the Airbus 380. Airline news includes news from Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay, Delta,…

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Aerospace News

News on Aerospace and Defense. This news is available at the tap of your finger for top stories of the day as well as breaking news on Aerospace and Defense from the industry as well as Airbus, BAE Systems, and Boeing. Helicopter news button allows a search on this specific category. Overall news includes the latest and best global articles fr…

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Chipotle Music

This app is a shortcut, providing you one touch access to the unique and eccentric music of Chipotle. Now you can quickly and easily stream the same vibrant music from Chipotle directly to your phone or tablet without searching for the site with your browser. Vinatio LLC is not affiliated with Chipotle Inc.

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Ag News

In-depth and breaking news on agriculture, crops, livestock, grains (including corn, soybeans, wheat, sugar, coffee, cocoa, milk, & cotton), farm machinery, and news on market prices. This app allows you to be a finger-tap away from keeping track of the news you need.

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Rare Earth News

Rare Earth News at the tap of a finger provides you the latest news regarding rare earth metals prices, mining, development, and stocks. Get tomorrow's news today while on the go. Version 2 includes buttons to scan message boards for Molycorp, Lynas, Avalon, and Rare Element Resources. A new button was also added to get the latest quote fr…

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Steel News

Get tomorrow's steel news today, in real time. The most up to date steel news is now only a tap away with the new Steel News app from Steel Reality. Global news is provided as it happens for the steel market. This app also includes access to the latest global iron ore news as well as coal news. New additions include a stock quote viewer…

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Metals News

Find the latest breaking news on metals here. Find news on copper, aluminum, nickel, tin, zinc, lead, titanium, molybdenum, manganese, steel, scrap steel, and many more. There is also a search for only copper to see what Dr. Copper is saying to the market, as well as a search of industry headlines for base metals.

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Coal News

Coal news from around the world is now available with the tap of your finger. Now get the news you need on your phone whenever you want it.

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World Economy News

Get the latest, breaking news on the global economy with the tap of your finger. Once tapped, you choose whether you want all news or if you want to go to the hot spots such as China, USA, Germany, Brazil, India, Russia, etc. Get the news you need now, right on your phone.

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