Vinay Gopinath

  • QuickHTML




    Learning HTML? Want to try out some HTML code while on the move? QuickHTML lets you type HTML code and renders it instantly. It also has minimal Javascript support. There's no need to type the code using an editor, save it and render the code with a browser. QuickHTML can do all of that in...

  • Midnight Countdown




    Usher in the New Year with this brand new app! Watch as the app counts down the hours and minutes left till the clock strikes twelve. The app can also play a special song of your choice at the end of the countdown! Features: > Customize the background with built-in backgrounds, or choose an...

  • Control Freak




    Tired of setting reminders and tasks and forgetting all about them? Control Freak lets you set voice alerts that'll remind you to do your tasks! Control Freak SAYS things at preset times to remind you to be on schedule. It works like a speech alarm.

  • TaskMaster




    TaskMaster is a simple daily tasks organizer! De-clutter your life by setting tasks to be completed every day. Categorize tasks as 'Work', 'Personal', 'Urgent' etc. Unlike other to-do list apps, TaskMaster lets you associate each task to a particular day. Optionally, if...

  • New Year Countdown




    Due to technical reasons, I cannot update this app anymore. Please download the new app here: 2012 is near, and you can count down the days left until the New Year! This app can also be used to count down to someone's birthday, time...

  • Foolish Dictionary




    A dictionary with a twist! Foolish Dictionary has witty, sarcastic and unusual definitions for common words like "love", "wedding" and many others. It's the dictionary implementation of the book of the same name by Gideon Wurdz. My first app!

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