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  • Spell Wiz

    Spell Wiz




    Spell wiz is a best fun, education game for kids under 12 years. Explore your Kids’ knowledge with spells and math calculations. This app is fun filled, entertaining & interactive application for kids motivating them to learn the spell and math calculations. Build your children vocabulary...






    EMS NEWS is a video news application where video's are served as streams video's to facilitate the user experience. User can search the news according to search criteria like state, district, city & keyword.

  • Aarti Sangrah

    Aarti Sangrah




    Dear Devotees, Aarti Sangrah is a good collection of many popular "AARTI","CHALISA","STUTI","KAWACH", "MANTRAS" and "FESTIVAL" of various Gods and Goddessess popular in Hindu culture. The application brings you: >>Ganesha- About...

  • MDraw lite

    MDraw lite




    “MDRAW lite” is a drawing tool for any age, let your imagination take shape while you are on the go. Do not let your artist wait for painting tool, this application allow you to create advance level of art/graphics. Features: 1. A canvas with your fingers as brushes. 2. Adjust the colors, brush...

  • Salary Calculator

    Salary Calculator




    Salary Base allows people to calculate their true salary stats by sharing anonymous compensation information among employees.It calculate your cost to company , taxable income and and tax on taxable income according to the Rule of Indian Income tax department . This calculator also manage your...

  • Directory Services and YP

    Directory Services and YP




    This android application is used to search data from millions of records in desired categories like hostel, bank, education etc.This data contains the information like name of the organization or name of the person, phone number, address etc. It is also used to find that particular location or...

  • Vincent It Mortgage Calculator

    Vincent It Mortgage Calculator




    The mortgage payment calculator is a simple way to make sure that you've got a match.It is not only a single calculator, it is a package of five built in calculators.You can calculate your Mortgage,Loan,Compare four loan at a time ,Calculate Refinance and Repayment with the help of this...

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