• Lock by Face

    Lock by Face




    "Lock by Face" application is developed by VINICORP company. This application is free and developed base on OPENCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) Main functions of "Lock by Face" application ! ● Lock and unlock screen by recognize your face. ●...

  • Romantic Live Wallpaper 2015

    Romantic Live Wallpaper 2015




    Romantic Live Wallpaper 2015 App is developed by VINICORP. And it is a free software. This application has many useful features and compact. You can decorate your screen with animated and romantic effects. Feature functions: ♥ Show animated wallpaper on home screen of device ♥ Provide animated...

  • Photo Editor : Photo Collage

    Photo Editor : Photo Collage




    Photo Editor is free application developed by VINICORP. Photo Editor allow you create Album, edit and sort photo, memorize your favorite events, journey very easy. Main functions of Photo Editor: ● Allow you sort, edit photo to create image exactly like Photo Album. ● Pin, sort image to create...

  • Photo Smart Cut

    Photo Smart Cut




    Photo Smart Cut is developed by VINICORP company. This application is free and developed base on OPENCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) Main specifics of application: - Create ID photo by recognizing the object and separate from the background. - Capture and separate...

  • Broken Screen - Cracked Screen

    Broken Screen - Cracked Screen




    Broken Screen is free application made by VINICORP. Make fun, surprise for your family and friends with the Broken Screen application. Get them to think your phone is broken or they broke it. You can turn on function from Status Bar of your device or turn on from application. Broken Screen...

  • Panorama HD

    Panorama HD




    Panorama HD developed by VINICORP company. ***************User's reviews***************** Neil Perrins on Jun 22, 2014 at 7:05 PM All you need Easy to use and a good tidy result *********************************************** This application is free and developed base on OPENCV (Open...

  • SAP Karaoke

    SAP Karaoke




    This application supports searching songs in VIET KTV that the technology is being used in the most of karaoke bar of Viet Nam. This application consists of 9453 Vietnamese’s songs and 1170 English’s songs. *Feature functions: • Karaoke KTV has list of all songs in VIET KTV software (update...

  • Diary Locked

    Diary Locked




    Do you have the habit of writing diary daily? The drawers and the cabinets are filled with your diary? Now, the smart mobile devices are well developed and increasingly popular so why don’t you think about replacing that paper diary by a neat and more convenient mobile diary? “Diary Locked”...

  • Lines





    How to Play* Use two fingers of two hands to connect these points at same time. You will realize we are slower than a turtle.* This game is simple just like you use 2 hands to draw circle and rectangle at same time. top CHALLENGES: - Use difference fingers of two hands. - Use two fingers in one...

  • App Protector

    App Protector




    App Protector is an application using a password to lock your applications and is developed by VINICORP developers. Features of the application: -Protect effect installer and set up system. -Protect personal information such as SMS, Email, Gallery, Movie… -Use less memory and save battery....

  • Shoot Down Helicopter

    Shoot Down Helicopter




    1. Introduction: Shoot Down Helicopter application is developed by VINICORP company. It is new classic game, free using open source "Andengine" with GLES2 version. To save the earth from destruction, artillery who were assigned to history mission were chosen to protect village, human...

  • Brain Up Alarm

    Brain Up Alarm




    Brain Up Alarm is developed by VINICORP. And it is a free software. This application has many useful features and compact, size when download from Google Play is only 475k and after install on device is 700k. Therefore, it takes a small memory of device after installed and takes a little using...

  • Dog and Cat

    Dog and Cat




    Instructions: Continuous touch your finger on screen to help the Cat get rid of the Dog. If you want to speed up for Cat, tap on screen as quickly as possible. Product Details: Beautifully animated Interface. Appropriate for all ages, all people. The game has three different levels depending on...

  • VietNam War

    VietNam War




    SUMMARY VIETNAM WAR is an action game app. It is developed for smartphones and tablets using Android, iOS operation systems and for computer that using Windows or Mac OS. This game is developed based on 2D graphics with open source library Moai SDK. GENERAL PURPOSE Like many other Game...

  • Mail&Phone Reader

    Mail&Phone Reader




    This application is completely free and developed by VINICORP Company based on Handwriting recognition OpenSource Tesseract-OCR. This handwriting recognition engine is appreciated to be the strongest and has the highest efficiency currently. It has been...

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