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Lock by Face

"Lock by Face" application is developed by VINICORP company....

Free | 7.6 8.7K

7.6 Users
Download Diary Locked Diary Locked icon

Diary Locked

Do you have the habit of writing diary daily? The drawers and the cabi...

Free | 8.2 2.3K

8.2 Users
Download Panorama HD Panorama HD icon

Panorama HD

Panorama HD developed by VINICORP company. ***************User's...

Free | 7 1.8K

7 Users
Download Photo Smart Cut Photo Smart Cut icon

Photo Smart Cut

Photo Smart Cut is developed by VINICORP company. This application is...

Free | 6.8 696

6.8 Users
Download Shoot Down Helicopter Shoot Down Helicopter icon

Shoot Down Helicopter

1. Introduction: Shoot Down Helicopter application is developed by VIN...

Free | 7.8 133

7.8 Users
Download Mail & Phone Reader Mail & Phone Reader icon

Mail & Phone Reader

This application is completely free and developed by VINICORP Company...

Free | 7.4 128

7.4 Users
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Brain Up Alarm

Brain Up Alarm is developed by VINICORP. And it is a free software. T...

Free | 8.8 91

8.8 Users
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App Protector

App Protector is an application using a password to lock your applicat...

Free | 7.4 48

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