Virtual GS

  • Invaders Watch




    Invaders Watch - let the invaders tell the time! 3 Space Invaders theme watch faces for Android Wear. ★ Invaders: Spaceship will fired at the invaders every minute. The score is the time! ★ Analog: Invaders shows hour/minute while UFO flies around the screen. ★ Digital: Invaders dance every...

  • Retro Watch Pro




    Retro watch faces for retro lovers! Do you still remember the old computer monitor? Show time, date and day of weeks in green or amber monitor, or transform the watch into LED or LCD watch! You can also add custom text to the watch face! ★ Select from 3 retro screen fonts: Monitor, LED or LCD....

  • Space Watch




    It is like having a little arcade game on your watch, all the time! Watch a little spaceship wandering in 3D animated star field, and you can control the spaceship with your wrist! ★ Select from 3 retro screen fonts: Monitor, LED or LCD. ★ Select from 4 different font colors: White, Blue, Amber...

  • Invaders (Android Wear)




    The Best Space Invaders game for Android Wear! GAME REVIEWS • “A great little game for wear.” • "Love it! Keeps me and my nephew busy for long wait times. Great addition to my moto 360!" • "Very entertaining. Simply fun and addicting." • "Fun! Very fun to play and easy...

  • SATURN (Android Wear)




    Saturn is a very dangerous planet! You will need to fly through the asteroid belt and avoid waves of asteroids! How long can you survive? GAME REVIEW • "Fun app for android wear." GAME DESCRIPTION • Tap to change spaceship direction • Avoid the asteroids! • Support square and round...

  • Doodle Note (Android Wear)




    A simple sticky note for your watch. Tap on eraser button to remove last stroke. Tap on trashcan to remove sticky note. Please check out the following Android Wear apps: • Space War: Best arcade game for Android Wear! • GALAXIA: Play Galaxian on your watch! • Invaders: Space Invaders for...

  • Retro Watch




    Retro Watch Face for retro lovers! Do you still remember the old computer monitor? This watch face shows time, date and day of weeks in a green or amber monitor with 40 columns text! Works with round and square watches. ★ Support new LCD and LED screens, more colors, customise text, try...

  • Snow Watch




    Happy Holiday! This is a winter watch face for Android Wear. It is snowing! Snow Watch is an adaptation of Snow, an app written by Lim Ding Wen, a nine year old boy living in Singapore. It never snow in Singapore, so this is what Ding Wen thinks snowing looks like. If you like this watch face,...

  • Neko Watch




    The cutest watch face for Android Wear! A fun, cute lovely kitten who loves to run around and play on your watch! For cat lovers around the world! ★ Download this and share the fun with this loveable kitten! If you like this watch face, please check out the following watch faces: ★ Retro...

  • SATURN 3D (Android Wear)




    Welcome to SATURN 3D! You will need to fly through the asteroid belt and avoid waves of asteroids! How long can you survive? ★ Hot app of the week! - Wear HQ GAME REVIEWS • "A fun way to show off the Moto 360." • "The 3d version is even better!" • “If applied to a full game...

  • Space War (Android Wear)




    Space War is the BEST space arcade game for Android Wear! Fly through the space and destroy waves of attacking aliens! Be prepared for the final battle! ★ Over 3 million downloads for phones! The popular Android game is now on your watch! GAME REVIEWS ★ "If there was a 6☆ button i would...

  • GALAXIA (Android Wear)




    GALAXIA - where Space Invaders meet Galaxian! This is the FIRST Android Wear game to support the innovative wrist control! This is the sequel of the popular Android Wear game Invaders. After successfully defeated the aliens on the moon, you are now going to face the alien fleets in space! If...

  • Kids Paint




    The BEST painting program for kids! * Best Free Android Apps and Games for Kids! - AppConsumer * Simple, interesting and fun for kids and their parents. - Android Apps * If you do happen to have little ones, this is simply a must. - BriefMobile * Kids Paint is a must-have application if you...

  • Simple Paint Free




    Simple and fun painting program with color palette! You can take picture, import photo, and save the drawing to photo gallery. Perform actions using menu or the following shortcuts: - tap on color palette to change color - tap on brush circle to change brush size - tap with 2 fingers to clear...

  • Doodle Note




    Doodle Note is the program designed for simple note taking. Select one of the beautiful note templates, take picture, import photo, draw anything you want! Save the note to the photo gallery, send to a friend or show to the world via Facebook, etc! If you have an Android Wear watch, a mini...

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