• woman safety Bharati

    woman safety Bharati




    Press power button three times to call police and send sms to your close circle that you are in trouble. Use your present location without internet connection and let police detect you in easy way.Help available in following countries: Botswana,Egypt,Ghana,Nigeria,Somalia, Bahrain,Bangladesh,...

  • 3D Race extreme car

    3D Race extreme car




    3D racing cars Play in the extreme desert and within snow. The real stone and extreme situation game with fire and ice and lots of block within the game segment. Blast the cars, destroy others and fight for life Take and choose different game. 3d car racing games free download 3d street race for...

  • 3D runner

    3D runner




    Runner game. Indian village and jungles Proper detailed descriptive graphics of Indian villages in 18th century non-stop running Collecting gold coins, letters lets you purchase power ups The game has three game modes namely endless, story and time-trials set in various environments like...

  • 3D boxing game

    3D boxing game




    Fighting Boxing Game 3D. real-time 3d fighting games in the market which offers a realistic and high quality experience. With the realistic models, we ensure you will be addicted in this exciting 3d boxing games for tablets and smartphones. Download this fight games and start your boxing, be a...

  • 3D camel race

    3D camel race




    pure 3D Arabian camel race. Camel racing is most popular sport in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar. Desert Riders collect diamonds collect boost up manage the store to take new environments camel racing in Pushkar Rajasthan

  • Lock Screen

    Lock Screen




    Ethnic style lock screen.Turn off your screen with just one touch! It provides both lock screen widget and lock screen shortcut icon for the users to lock and turn off their screen with just one tap on the screen. Features: Gmail notification, message notification clock, miss call alert, take...

  • folk monster

    folk monster




    Monster , Adventure , Casual , Action game The best folk game on mobile! Action & Run & defensive type of game perfect combination A little girl's adventure with blend of Bengali folklore. - Simple control, attack monster - story mode, up to 25 Levels - 27 different worlds -...

  • 3D quad bike racing

    3D quad bike racing




    Racing game with quad in the middle of extreme desert. Play 3D Quad Bike Racing Games Super quad bikes on a dusty trail blazing through the desert. Hop right on your bike and come down for some all terrain mania racing action. Bust the dust in the desert sands and rally past your opponents!

  • comics reader archer

    comics reader archer




    Free comics reader and free game links The story of ‘The Archer’, is of an ordinary man who steals things from smugglers and gives all the money for development and education of orphan children. In his aforesaid activities, one of his best friends (a priest) gets killed by a smuggler and in an...

  • action comics

    action comics




    action comics for free download Brischik a agent of Indian govt fights crime in his own way of innovation and science. free action comics Indian special agent Vrischika. fight with terrorists guns and beauty

  • 3D Game of balls

    3D Game of balls




    Game of Balls. Look of 3D movements. Watch out the excellent Fox with lion and mighty Rhino Lovely game with mind blowing 3d works and lovely attractive game play. A very well-crafted 3D ball-rolling plat former. great 3D graphical look, interesting physics and a destructible environment. You...

  • adventure hero

    adventure hero




    Monster Game, Adventure Game, Casual game, Action game. The Big Adventures of a Little Hero The best adventure game on mobile! Based on Bengali folk based story. fast paced action game. Move Bittu around and go to a unforgettable journey. This is pro version of Adventure hero game, and this is ad...

  • Free Casual Jumping Game

    Free Casual Jumping Game




    Casual Style free game.. where you can choose a Toad and play with him to collect all the free coins and jewels. Go to store for choosing his hat, ornaments boost-up powers etc. Top Casual Games Casual games for children Kids game Jump while tilting your phone Added Music and batter animation...

  • 3D Car Racing Drift

    3D Car Racing Drift




    Play hard, drift your car on the Hills and run through the 3D Environment. Designed for Tablets. Drift car through the hills. Choose a car and start the 3D experience of car racing game. Game development India. Excellent BMW cars. The Real Car Experience is a true-to-life automotive journey...

  • 3D desert race

    3D desert race




    Racing In The Desert. Drive Mustangs out to an empty desert highway to wait for a few challengers that are supposed to show up and race.As twilight passes into darkness challenger arrives, with a new Camaro. Here in this desert oasis of speed is a place for these once street racers to make a new...

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