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Visionblack Entertainment Media

  • Ice Cube The Making Of A Don


    The true life tale of the great American dream. One man's rise from the streets of South Central Los Angeles to the hills of Hollywood. Witness how one of the architects of gangster rap started a solo career that's responsible for a number of multi-platinum albums and taking hip hop to...

  • Ice-T's Players Toast


    Ice T hosts a one-of-a-kind event toasting the men who define the " Pimp Game" in America today. Players Toast movie Learn how the legendary rapper got his start in the streets before going prime-time on TV's Law & Order, and meet the men who came up alongside him. Players Toast...

  • Whitney Houston The Greatest


    Whitney Elizabeth Houston showed the vocal range and star quality that would soon make her a legend in the music world. We talk to those who knew her as "Nippy", retrace her steps to stardom and revisit some of her most stunning performances. Whitney Houston was so much more than a...

  • Rihanna Barbadian Superstar


    This video takes a look at the life of the singer from the view of the fans, the industry, and the singer herself as she talks about the heartaches and celebration of being one of the most influential individuals in the music industry today. Discovered by super producer Evan Rogers, Rihanna...

  • John Legend Music Videos & Doc


    A collection of the best John Legend music videos and news updates! The RSS news feed keeps you updated on everything John Legend and the music video playlist includes: Shine Wake Up Everybody I Can't Write Left Handed Compared To What Ordinary People Little Ghetto Boy Hang On In There...

  • R. Kelly - Pied Piper of R&B


    Known for his sexually explicit lyrics, smooth talking and cutting edge hip-hop beats, R. Kelly has been making headlines for more than a decade now - not all of them good. An accomplished songwriter, producer, and re-mixer, R Kelly has written and produced for artists Michael Jackson, Celine...

  • Poets In Hip Hop Movie


    Live from the Ivar Theater in Hollywood. Touchstar Media Presents the POETS IN HIP HOP. Featuring some of todays hottest spoken word artists, including Bidget Gray (2001 Grand Slam Champion), Gaknew, Miss Kimm, Joy Jones, Gina Loring, Jahaira and many more. These gifted and talented poets speak...

  • Mariah Carey Definition Diva


    For almost two decades, Mariah Carey has stood the tests of time. Through highly publicized failed relationships, rumors of emotional breakdowns, and speculation of a finished career due to declining album sales and unfavorable reviews concerning her acting endeavors, Mariah has proven to possess...

  • Juviez 3D Kids Cartoon




    Juviez is an animated series about a group of gifted urban kids growing up in the inner city, USA. This program revolves around the daily life lessons learned by Ray, and eight year old artistic prodigy, his little brother Manny, and his friends and classmates from his gifted class including...

  • Keyshia Cole - A Ghetto Rose


    With the gift and perseverance to obtain her dream, Keyshia Cole implements a sultry rhythmic voice that dominates the vocal air waves. From the mean streets of Oakland to the heartland of the hip hop community, this energetic singer has overcome many obstacles that majority of the masses wish...

  • Amy Winehouse Revving at 4500


    In 2003, Amy Winehouse debuted to the world her first album "Frank". When she first burst onto the scene she was considered to be as soulful as the soultry sisters of yesteryear as such Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn and Dina Washington. In 2008 that is no longer the...

  • Run DMC - Forever Kings


    Innovators & originators, Run DMC's influence on the music of the new millenium goes every bit as deep of Elvis or the Beatles. The successes of Run DMC resounded through rap, rock, R&B, and eventually international pop of every kind. They changed an industry by speaking directly to...

  • Twice The Fear Movie


    These chilling tales will ensure the night light stays on. In THE PREPARATION alien invasion occurs in a most unexpected manner. They do not come from the sky but from within the walls and they are preparing a final horrific test before they implement their plan for the Earth... Then in...

  • Urban Demographic Movie


    Faced with sinking ratings and declining revenues, Seattle’s KSOF Radio, a classical music station, changes its format to radical hip-hop. The change sends shockwaves through the community, changing the many lives it touches. A local protest group decides to launch a boycott of the station and...

  • Jive Chicken Movie


    Persuaded to take over a restaurant in a bad part of town, Chip Watkins (Marvin Thomas) must try and make ends meet after the debts have piled high. It seems like everything is conspiring against Chip; He has to fend off the health inspector, creditors, crooks, and wait a minute! Does that...

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