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    Millimeter - screen ruler app

    Millimeter is a simple free screen ruler app. You can measure small objects that fit device screen with this ruler. There are NO ADs in the app for best experience and real full screen measurements. ☛ ANY DEVICE can be calibrated for accurate measurements in Calibration Mode, where common standard objects (coins, credit cards, etc) can be used as…

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    Download ColorMeter Free - color picker ColorMeter Free - color picker icon
    ColorMeter Free - color picker

    ColorMeter: take live color around you with your camera and use it for you design projects or for your Android customization as a wallpaper. ColorMeter is a free useful camera color picker tool that allows you to pick live colors around you. It display RGB color on the screen and the hexadecimal (HTML) color code that used in graphics, web design,…

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    Download Planimeter - GPS area measure Planimeter - GPS area measure icon
    Planimeter - GPS area measure

    Planimeter is a maps ruler tool to measure area, distance, perimeter, bearing, angle and GPS coordinates on map. You can set notes for each point and use this app for mapping or store your favorite locations or landmarks and create GPS tracks. The app provides unique real-time GPS tracking feature, that allows you to measure field, property or reg…

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    Download Pie+ camera measure Pie+ camera measure icon
    Pie+ camera measure

    Camera measure: Pie+ is a free simple and useful camera measurement tool for Android OS that helps you to measure ratio, relative size of objects or to split objects into equal pieces. You can also use it to measure out parts of the whole objects or volumes and estimate parts ratio accurately. The application is easy and intuitive to use: point…

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    Download Partometer - camera measure Partometer - camera measure icon
    Partometer - camera measure

    Partometer is a handy app for measurements using camera. You can perform measurements on photos and pictures using known size objects, like credit cards, coins, or any custom object of known size. You can measure dimensions, length, irregular shaped areas, perimeter, angles, ratio, arc and radius of circular objects, measure pixels on images. The…

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    Download Planimeter Area Measure Guide Planimeter Area Measure Guide icon
    Planimeter Area Measure Guide

    (!) IMPORTANT: THIS IS A GUIDE for popular "Planimeter - GPS Area Measure" app (https://goo.gl/Yp0NLv). From this guide you can learn about Planimeter interface, functionality and main features before purchasing Planimeter. You can touch interface elements to get more details about their purpose and functionality. Don't hesitate to…

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    Download Millimeter Pro ruler on screen Millimeter Pro ruler on screen icon
    Millimeter Pro ruler on screen

    Millimeter is a screen ruler app. It uses full screen of Android device for distance and length measurements as caliper or tape measure. Place an object on the scale paper screen and simply touch and move rulers to measure it. Check features for more details. Pro version measures area, circle, radius and diameter, angles, ratio and splits into eq…

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    Download Happy Timer - Handy Timer Happy Timer - Handy Timer icon
    Happy Timer - Handy Timer

    Happy Timer is a very simple and handy timer. You can setup time, start and stop the timer very quickly using touch screen only. Dynamic color bars displays remaining time. Very intuitive and handy for everyday usage: cooking, running, studying, testing, egg timer, etc. It's simple and useful timer for you. Keywords: Android, android timer, ti…

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    Download Converter 4U - unit converter Converter 4U - unit converter icon
    Converter 4U - unit converter

    Converter4U is a simple lightweight unit conversion calculator application for the Android OS. This ad free and no permissions unit converter supports most common units in the Length / Distance, Weight / Mass, Area and Temperature categories for the American (US) and European (EU) measuring systems. The goal of the development was not to cover a…

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    Download Partometer3D - camera measure Partometer3D - camera measure icon
    Partometer3D - camera measure

    Partometer3D is camera app for area, perimeter, length and distance, height and width, ratio, circle parameters (radius, diameter), angles measurements. It can be used as a camera ruler or tape measure for accurate measurements on pictures and photos. This app allows user to make measurements in any defined direction and plane in 3D space. The di…

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