Visual Odyssey Apps

  • Mission Square Chiropractic

    Mission Square Chiropractic


    Welcome to Mission Square Chiropractic's smartphone app! Mission Square Chiriopractic is dedicated to chiropractic solutions to target your unique needs, whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even just plain old muscular tightness and tension. You may need pain...

  • Martinez Chiropractic

    Martinez Chiropractic


    Welcome to the Martinez Chiropractic and Wellness Center smartphone and tablet app. Use this cutting-edge technology to stay up to date with Dr. Bob and his office in Spring Hill, Florida. Allow push notifications for instant updates and specials from Dr. Bob, and GPS mapping services to find...

  • Ramos Chiropractic & Wellness

    Ramos Chiropractic & Wellness


    Located in the heart of Burlington, the leading health professionals at Ramos Chiropractic and Wellness Center are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. Dr. Richard Ramos is committed to...

  • The Back Shak

    The Back Shak




    Welcome to The Back Shak smartphone and tablet app! The Back Shak is a vision. It is a vision of using Chiropractic care to promote optimal health and well-being. When we, Dr. Zach and Nicole Causey, put together this idea, we wanted to bring true Chiropractic to the masses. Chiropractic is not...

  • Port City Chiropractic

    Port City Chiropractic


    Welcome to Port City Chiropractic's smartphone app. The latest in our attempt to educate and inspire patients to get the best answers and best care for their bodies and mind. Use this app to locate our office, contact us via email, and to keep up with our events and specials- during office...

  • Gibson Chiropractic

    Gibson Chiropractic




    Learn about current health issues, wellness, chiropractic, and access the Gibson Chiropractic office, located in Sacramento, California, quickly and easily through your smartphone or iPad. This app provides easy access and convenience to Gibson Chiropractic, a local leader in health education,...

  • The Dr. Ray Cure

    The Dr. Ray Cure




    The Dr. Ray Cure is the 1st health & fitness app of its kind to deliver an educational understanding & meaning to the practical individual who seeks to learn about common diagnostic diseases & disorders. This App will help anyone to encompass more in-depth knowledge of the standards...

  • WellnessOne- Dr. Steven Thain

    WellnessOne- Dr. Steven Thain


    WellnessOne has been serving Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland for the past 22 years, and is now serving Eastgate as well. Our main goal is to make sure your future is as healthy as it possibly can be. What matters the most to us is that you are healthier today than you were yesterday. We strive to...

  • Patholator by Visual Odyssey

    Patholator by Visual Odyssey




    The Patholator App is a collection of Wellness and Chiropractic information to keep the Doctor and the Patient up to date on powerful wellness information. This App will be continually improved as new information becomes available. It combines the experience of the Neuropatholator Wall Chart (an...

  • VetPatholator





    The Patholator App is a collection of Wellness and Health information to keep the Doctor and the pet owner up to date on powerful animal wellness information. This App will be continually improved as new information becomes available. It combines Visual Odyssey’s 35 years of experience creating...

  • Oak Mountain Academy

    Oak Mountain Academy


    Welcome to Oak Mountain Academy's smartphone app. We hope you will download and enjoy the use of the free app. Included in this app are several useful features that will keep you up-to-date with OMA. - Find us on the Mountain using the mapping feature - Keep up with our Events with our...

  • The Masters Circle

    The Masters Circle




    The Masters Circle App helps you stay inspired and grow your practice! If you are new to The Masters Circle, you can learn about the many ways we help chiropractors create the practices and lives they desire. For our Members, we offer the full array of benefits you’re accustomed to in the...

  • Fur Peace Ranch

    Fur Peace Ranch




    The Fur Peace App will bring you right to the source of the best guitar and bass lessons around. You can access our full list of classes, concerts and merchandise from the subway, on your lunch break or when you just can't get to your computer. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members, Jorma...

  • The Olive Tree Restaurant

    The Olive Tree Restaurant




    We're a full service restaurant specializing in Greek and Italian cuisine from authentic homemade recipes. We offer great food, great prices, great service. We are group-friendly and can accommodate to the needs of our customers. Located in the West Georgia area: Lithia Springs, Villa Rica,...

  • Neuropatholator





    The NeuroPatholator App recreates the experience of the Neuropatholator Wall Chart (an electronic demonstrator of the connections among the vertebra, nerves, organs, extremities, muscles and dermatomes made by Visual Odyssey for 35 years). This chart has be instrumental in helping Chiropractors,...

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