• Love Isn't Far Lock&LWP

    Love Isn't Far Lock&LWP


    ■Main Features Have you ever found that those you can't erase in the past,are still in your mind until now. Beautiful diva Alan introduces her first music wallpaper "Love is not far away" live wallpaper with Vlife.This beautiful song is also the theme song of online game"The...

  • Half Awake

    Half Awake




    ■Main Features The truth is bitter so only can be half awake,gentle tampers the cruel memory,seal everything except the smile when we are hugging. Known as the "voice of an angel" of Liu Sihan introduces her first music wallpaper "half awake" live wallpaper with Vlife.The...

  • 3D Aquarium Lock&LWP

    3D Aquarium Lock&LWP




    ■Main Features 3D special cool effects create a realistic aquarium world! Different types of fishes swim around. Click on them and they will speed up. Have fish-farming on your screen! Enjoy the real scene! Please let me know if you meet any bugs or want any improvement! E-mail:...

  • Little demons Live Wallpaper

    Little demons Live Wallpaper




    ■Main Features Cute little panda becomes a wizard. He invites you to ride a broom to fly ! Touch the floating wizard panda, He would accelerate and fly away !

  • Beautiful Girl Live Wallpaper

    Beautiful Girl Live Wallpaper




    Chasing the gentle wind with her favorite white dress, she feels the fresh breath of the grass and earth. Everything sad is forgotten, and everything seems new… White dress, gentle breeze and green meadow, all for the girl’s future dream…

  • Cool Love live wallpaper

    Cool Love live wallpaper




    ■Main Features Flashing lines describe the most beautiful mood of love. Let’s fly freely in the fantasy world with shining light. Flowers and butterflies interweave colorful dream together. Touch the screen it will appear flying flowers.

  • Eiffel Tower Live Wallpaper

    Eiffel Tower Live Wallpaper




    ■Main Features The setting sun, river and Eiffel Tower show French romance. The flying sakura give you aesthetic experience through time and space . Touch screen it will appear flying pink cherry blossoms.

  • So Young Live Wallpaper

    So Young Live Wallpaper




    ■Main Features Designed for girls, we are cute, sweet and have long live friendship! Youth is you, me and our intimate memories. More lovely clock props, adding utility function! Click the little girl clock props, the little girl begin to ride her bike and the wheels rolling.

  • Popeyes Monster Live Wallpaper

    Popeyes Monster Live Wallpaper




    ■Main Features Volunteer,entering the circus! Lovely baby seal practices playing with a ball, Clich it the ball will bounce up. He can also help you to send your for your lover.

  • Black and White live wallpaper

    Black and White live wallpaper




    ■Main Features This simple picture shows the romantic love and commitment

  • Beauty Stickers Live Wallpaper

    Beauty Stickers Live Wallpaper




    ■Main Features In the cute competition I am NO.1. Confidence is my best makeup. Touch screen it will appear flickering star lights. Click the lovely rabbit it can sway. Click the I LOVE YOU ai the bottom it will appear pretty effects. There are lovely piggy takes the clock balloon flying....

  • Giraffe Stickers LiveWallpaper

    Giraffe Stickers LiveWallpaper




    ■Main Features Fresh green cartoon background, giraffe and cow, blinking cloud and moving small wings accompany me through a happy childhood.!

  • Yellow Cutie Live Wallpaper

    Yellow Cutie Live Wallpaper




    ■Main Features Do you recognise me? I'm the most lovely guy Hamtaro on the desktop to tease you happy! Blinking, grievance, stars eye, shyness, faint, winking.... A variety of expression I have . Touch the screen to change the lovely expression.

  • I’m Big live wallpaper

    I’m Big live wallpaper




    ■Main Features Make you the big star on street just by one tap! Various fantastic effects on multiple photo show: heart-in-heart, shining star, gradient mode... Wanna be a more shining star? Use the decoration pool to add bling-bling effects!

  • Sexy Lips Live Wallpaper

    Sexy Lips Live Wallpaper




    A beauty live wallpaper. Touch the screen, flaming lip prints cause you infinite reverie. More fantastic effects and decorations are provided for you to easy DIY. Wanna exquisite beauty live wallpaper? Use Vlife. ===>Main features: - Global innovation on live wallpaper DIY zone,15 types and...

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