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  • Fox Song Locker LWP

    Fox Song Locker LWP




    The small fox is singing under the Elven tree, elves hear the sound and come to dance. Wake up!My dear bird~,sing with the fox,sing to the this beautiful forest,praise the beautiful world.

  • Funny Zebra Locker LWP

    Funny Zebra Locker LWP




    The wagging tail, Twist the hips, Challenge your bottom line, Pull the slingshot, send it back to Funny planet!

  • Love Tree Locker LWP

    Love Tree Locker LWP




    Holding a bundle of flowers with full of my love, waiting for lover under the romantic cherry tree quietly,petals fall down slowly, as the most beautiful dancer in the wind. Take a deep breath,flowers' sweet smell into the heart, has the same smell with the love of yours. I always remember...

  • Autumn Dew Locker LWP

    Autumn Dew Locker LWP




    Crystal clear dew is the most pure and beautiful fairy, born and open their eyes in every morning in the twilight of the sun, reflect the most pure landscape,before falling down,will live a wonderful life,even if only once.

  • On The Way Locker LWP

    On The Way Locker LWP




    A scenic spot,depicts a journey. Whisper of heart,tells feelings. An encounter accidentally,wakes up the memories of past life.

  • Mysterious Flower Locker & LWP

    Mysterious Flower Locker & LWP




    From late winter to spring,from an ordinary seed to the blooming flower,from obscurity to colorful life. Flowers blossom and have sweet smell,flowers fall and fly to the sky. The smell of flower is fresh to your heart,the words of flower are affects in your heart.

  • Super Q Polar Bear Lock&LWP

    Super Q Polar Bear Lock&LWP




    ■Main Features The most stupid adorable polar bear live lock wallpaper is coming~ I'm white and like a ball,but don't say I'm sweet soup ball~I am a lovely polar bear~ I like jumping so much~make me fly and see what will happen~ Please let me know if you meet any bugs or want any...

  • Quiet Flower Locker&LWP

    Quiet Flower Locker&LWP




    Look at the flowers through the fog and the flowers say nothing,fish the moon on the surface of water.Always walk on the strange road,watch strange scenery,listen to unfamiliar songs,and then in a casual moment,you'll find out that you have already forgotten the original things you really...

  • Leisure Time Locker & LWP

    Leisure Time Locker & LWP


    At Time's ferry. You whisper softly. Count time leisurely.

  • School Season Locker&LWP

    School Season Locker&LWP


    September,the autumn season, September,the season of harvest, the season of mature,the season of new school term. It's the moment to open the curtain of new term. The students began to leave home,go to the far place to learn.

  • 3D Aquarium Lock&LWP

    3D Aquarium Lock&LWP




    ■Main Features 3D special cool effects create a realistic aquarium world! Different types of fishes swim around. Click on them and they will speed up. Have fish-farming on your screen! Enjoy the real scene! Please let me know if you meet any bugs or want any improvement! E-mail:...

  • Gloden Castle Live wallpaper

    Gloden Castle Live wallpaper




    ■Main Features Castle landscape with live sunshine effects bring you to the dreamy paradise.

  • Cup Concert Lock LWP

    Cup Concert Lock LWP




    ■Main Features Maybe this is the most cute animal music theme game lock screen in the world~ Don't you want to use it?Little cute animal are sleepy in the cup~ Just hold a concert to awaken them. Slid the little mouse to the sugar to unlock. Put the little mouse into the cup to start the...

  • Dating Tree live wallpaper

    Dating Tree live wallpaper




    ■Main Features Colorful night and two cats are dating sweetly! Tap the tree and the branch will swing.

  • Little demons Live Wallpaper

    Little demons Live Wallpaper




    ■Main Features Cute little panda becomes a wizard. He invites you to ride a broom to fly ! Touch the floating wizard panda, He would accelerate and fly away !

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